A VVivacious Review: Magnetic (Treacherous Chemistry #1.5) by Avylinn Winter

Rating: 4 Stars out of 5


Dante finds himself in a world of pain. He can’t seem to stop thinking of Chris, especially as he realises that he isn’t entirely blameless in the blow that severed their budding relationship.

But when Dante comes face to face with Chris will he have the courage to own up to his feelings or will he crumble under his desire for approval from his parents.

This book tells the story of Dante and Chris’ separation in Volatile from Dante’s perspective and I, for one, really appreciated getting to see things from Dante’s POV.

Dante is an enigma throughout Volatile and while Magnetic eases open the doors into Dante’s inner psyche the author still manages to retain his aura of mystic which is quite a feat in itself. One of the biggest draws to Dante is that you really don’t know why he is the way he is and one of my greatest fears with this book was that I would lose the Dante I had come to love in Volatile but I am glad to say I didn’t lose anything after reading this book only gained so much more. Dante is a character with an intrinsic enigma, the enigma is practically a quality of his soul and this book is a testament to that. Also I must really applaud the author’s efforts in managing to pull of such a character with such grace.

I really didn’t remember much of the details from Volatile but thankfully most of the content in this book is new and only towards the end do we overlap with events in Volatile. And I am glad we do because that kiss was magical the first time around and it was still as fairy-tale like in this one.

I definitely don’t remember that sex scene and I am pretty sure I didn’t read anything as good in Volatile so I am a bit shocked with how well written it is. For me Volatile was all about the hidden content like the looks you share to communicate your thoughts without ever saying a word. Volatile somehow managed to verbalize non-verbal communication but not so with this one. This one is all but the dialogue and the sex scene is pretty verbal in a way Volatile isn’t. At this point I have no idea if anyone can understand what I am saying. Let’s just say that Magnetic has a different charm than Volatile but they are both equally enjoyable.

I really enjoyed this short and would recommend it as a must-read for anyone who enjoyed Volatile as much as I did.

Cover Art by Posh Gosh. I really liked the cover and the model’s expression is just very Dante-like.

Buy Links: Pride | Amazon US | Amazon UK

Book Details:

ebook, 45 pages
Published August 29th 2017 by Pride Publishing
Original TitleMagnetic
ISBN 9781786516
Edition LanguageEnglish



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