An Alisa Review: Without A Compass by Helen Juliet


Rating:  4 stars out of 5


Riley Anderson isn’t an outdoorsy guy. He’s a desk jockey, office by day and couch by night. So when his family insists on a camping trip for his father’s 50th birthday he’s hardly thrilled. Things only get worse when Kai shows up, too.


Kai Brandt’s more than eager to go camping with his best buddy, but his buddy’s little brother Riley is all grown up now, and hotter than hell. Kai’s willing to help him pitch more than just a tent… Which is weird, because Kai never swung that way before.


Events conspire to out Riley’s secret AND leave him stranded in Kai’s care for longer than they’d planned for. Trapped together in the wilderness, they’re going to have to face a few hard truths if they’re going to make it back to the world.


But even if they manage it, the experience will leave them forever changed.


This was a lovely story with some great characters.  Riley is determined to give this camping trip his best effort and enjoy himself despite his past experiences.  Kai is excited to get some time outdoors with his best friend, Brendon, and Brenden’s family.


Riley and Kai have known each other for years but at the same time didn’t really know each other with Brendon as a buffer.  Since Riley is the first to arrive after himself and he hasn’t seen him in years, Kai makes it his mission to see that Riley enjoys himself.  I loved that Kai was more than willing to let anyone know about his feelings and not hide Riley away.


I couldn’t help but feel for Riley, he has always felt like an outside with his family and even though he moved to the city he continues to be an outsider with those around him.  My heart broke as we see him not feel worthy of having a real relationship with anyone as no one has ever wanted to try with him.  Kai enjoys being part of a couple but has yet to find anyone who he can really see spending his life with.  As he opens himself up to the possibility of being with Riley he also begins to learn more about himself.


The cover art by Natasha Snow is beautiful and absolutely perfect for this story.


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Book Details:

ebook, 80,000 words

Published: August 24, 2017 by Helen Juliet

ISBN13: 9781999706722

Edition Language: English

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