An Alisa Series Review: Only You Series (3 books) by JS Finley


Straight Up (#1) – 4 out of 5 stars


Sometimes you need the truth Straight Up



Brent is HOT but hot doesn’t matter when you can’t have what you want.


After the Marines, they went their separate ways, but he can’t forget…never forget and never leave a man behind, but that’s what he did when he ran from Brent.


Maybe it wasn’t the best reaction, but he couldn’t face the truth. Now he has a second chance and he doesn’t want to blow it, instead, he wants to blow Brent.



Maybe there’s something between he and Jake, but Brent can’t ask, and Jake won’t tell because in the Marines being gay is bad for business.


Time heals all wounds, and that’s what Brent is gambling on when they meet in the hills of Tennessee. Brent is hoping for friendship…but if there is more, he’ll take it.


When Brent meets his straight friend again in Tennessee will they remain friends or will they become more?


This was a nice story and I really enjoyed it.  Jake pushed Brent away just before they both got out of the marines because he was scared of his feelings and still doesn’t know how to voice what he wants.  Brent is hoping that he can at least get his best friend back as things have been lonely since their team split up.  They get quite lucky when a snow storm slows down the arrival of their friends.


We get to see both characters’ points of view in this story which goes a long way towards helping to understand what they are thinking and feeling.  Jake tries may times to let Brent know he is sorry and how he feels but never quite comes up with the right words, so he never sends the emails.  They are both lucky when one of their team reaches out to all of them to get up to date and then try and see each other.


Brent is so scared of being pushed away by his friend he has kept his feelings inside for so long he is even more scared to let them be known when Jake gives him an opening.  I felt for him right from the get go when the book began and how isolated he felt even from those around him.  I also felt Jake’s confusion and determination to make thing right between them when they finally meet up after their time apart.


The cover art by Sara York is nice romance cover and is eye catching.


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Book Details:

ebook, 195 pages

Published: March 1, 2017

Edition Language: English


Falling In (#2) – 4 out of 5 stars


When you hit a free-fall, you embrace it



Working hard comes naturally, but he’s never had to work so hard to get someone to notice him. Clay isn’t interested, or is he?


The trip on his boat is a test, but will it end in his favor? Temptation has Thomas hot, but will Clay leave Florida before he can act? He must take a chance or he’ll never forgive himself.



There’s something about Thomas that makes him hot under the collar. It’s not just the Florida heat, it’s the hot man at his side that has him sweating. Clay wants to take a test drive, but how does he raise the subject. Getting involved could end their friendship, and that’s the last thing he wants.


Just one kiss will change everything. Will he be brave when the opportunity comes up, or will he ignore the draw and leave Florida without ever taking a chance?


This was another nice story in this series.  I love learning more about all the members of this Marine team.  Clay’s stress level is through the roof at work right now and he definitely looking forward to his vacation on Daytona with the guys but his alone time with Thomas is even better.  Thomas takes a chance and they are just getting their relationship off the ground when Thomas has to go back to Virginia.


We see both Thomas and Clay’s thoughts and how scared they are that trying anything could ruin their friendship.  Thomas has worked hard to get his business going really enjoys getting to show Clay what he has done and see him enjoy it.  I could continue to see Clay’s worry about work and how he tried hard to keep it away from everyone.  I felt as if Thomas and Clay just clicked almost too well right away and everything worked out quickly even with the little bit of tension from Clay’s work in the background, most of the story was them just building their new life together but from the beginning they didn’t have to work much out between them.


The cover art by Sara York is nice and follows the pattern for the series.


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Book Details:

ebook, 197 pages

Published: June 15, 2017

Edition Language: English


Getting Through (#3) – 4 stars out of 5


What if it’s too difficult to get through the rough patches?



Being a nurse is Lane’s life, that is until Mike pushes him up against that damn door and kisses him like nobody’s business.


Now he’s left wondering how he can live without Mike at his side. But beneath the sweet, calm exterior Mike portrays to the world is something dark and dangerous. Will Lane be able to deal with the monster within, or will it consume both of them.



He can’t unsee the damage that bomb wrought or bring back his friend, but he can find solace in Lane’s arms…or he thinks he can.


One night together is too much, and his memories overwhelm him, opening him up to the trauma he witnessed. Memories are hard to conquer because they don’t have to fight back, they just twist their way deep into the mind, making life too hard to tolerate.


Can Lane save him, or will he push them both too far when the past threatens to overwhelm them.


This was the most emotional story of this series for sure and it picks right up where Falling In ended.  Lane is happy for his friends but really feels lonely when he goes back home to reality.  Mike has been the rock that all their friends go to when they need to talk or vent but he hasn’t let anyone know how he is really doing.


Lane’s experience and understanding goes a big way to help Mike as he hasn’t dealt with his memories and PTSD.  We say Mike’s helplessness in not knowing how to work through his issues to live a life with someone else in it.  I loved watching Lane give him a reason to stay and to actually see someone about working through everything he is feeling.


I love the support all of the men in this series give each other.  They all jumped on a plan to come and help Lane and Mike when they needed it and were way more understanding than many would be.  These guys has been through so much together and are finding that keeping the close relationships all around are a big help.  I was very glad to see that all three couples were moving closer to each other, I think it would be great to see all of them again sometime.


The cover art by Sara York while nice continues to follow the pattern of the series


Sales Links: Amazon


Book Details:

ebook, 190 pages

Published: August 12, 2017

Edition Language: English


Only You Series (3 books) by J.S. Finley

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