An Ali Review: A Matter of Courage (Hong Kong Nights Book 2) by J.C. Long

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Winston Chang has spent much of his young life admiring the Dragons who have kept his area safe and fought off the gangs that would bring violence to their area. Now that he’s an adult, he wants nothing more than to join the Dragons and live up to those standards.

The opportunity presents itself when his passion and knowledge of cars is just what the Dragons need. One of their own has been killed and his death seems linked to his involvement with the illegal racing scene known as the Dark Streets. Winston is needed to infiltrate the scene and find out who is responsible and why.

Steel has always been Winston’s best friend, and Winston has always been there to get him out of trouble. Just as the stress in Winston’s life reaches its peak, the relationship between Winston and Steel begins to change in ways neither of them expected.

Will Winston and Steel be able to find the courage to face not only the unknown killer stalking the Dark Streets racers but also their growing feelings?
I always get excited when I find a new author and/or a new series and the first book in this series was both for me.  I really enjoyed book one, A Matter of Duty, and was eagerly awaiting this book.  I’m quite glad to say that this book was also really good.  The couple here was set up in book one and they were important side characters there.  
This book starts a few months down the road from the end of the first book.  As the blurb states, Winston ends up going undercover in an effort to gather information and to prove that he’s mature enough to finally become a member of the Dragons.  The stress of this situation also ups the tension between Winston and Steel.  Steel’s worried sick about Winston and has to finally start forcing himself to acknowledge that he’s in love with his best friend.  
I love a good friends to lovers story and this one was well done.  There’s just enough tension between the two guys to keep you interested but not so much that it seems over the top or unrealistic.  These two were sweet together and you could really feel the emotion between them.  I had been rooting for them since the last book so I was really happy to see them get their hea.  
There are a lot of scenes with the Dragons as a whole so we get to see a lot of Noah and Wei, as well as a bunch of side characters. These side characters are not only important to this plot but will be important to future books.  I had to do a bit of author stalking but I found out who the next couple will be and I’m over the top excited.  Nothing beats a good enemies to lovers story so I have high hopes for it.  
If you’re looking for a new series with good writing and a plot that is a bit outside the norm then I highly recommend this series.  This one could be read as a standalone but I think you would enjoy it a lot more if you read book one first.  
This cover was done by Natasha Snow and I like it a lot.  If you look closely at it you will see how well it highlights the plot.  It’s also attractive and eye catching and it ties in nicely to the cover of the first book.
Book Details:
Kindle Edition, 300 pages
Published September 4th 2017 by NineStar Press

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