An Alisa Release Day Review: Cataclysmic Shift (The Aloysius Tales #3) by Tara Lain


Rating: 4 stars out of 5


Aloysius, the magical black cat and powerful witch’s familiar, isn’t afraid to go into battle to protect his master, but the outcome of the fight turns his feline world upside down. A direct hit of magic steals not only his memories and power, but even the body he’s lived in for several centuries. When he wakes up naked on the floor of a veterinarian’s office, it isn’t as the cat Aloysius, but as the sixteenth-century French gentleman Alain Bellarose. And when Alain sees sexy and enigmatic veterinarian Luke Elliott, he decides he’ll make the best of his time as a human.


Luke is a man with secrets who generally prefers the company of animals—though the flamboyant boy who washes his face with the side of his hand and tries to lick his own privates might prove an exception.


Meanwhile, Witch Master Killian Barth and his secret weapon, Sammy, struggle without Aloysius’s power to draw on. Two evil females are circling, and seeing the coven’s weakness, they’re about to move in for the kill. When Alain’s memories return, he’s faced with the ultimate dilemma: protect his community or stay with the man he loves.


I had no idea what to expect with this story in the series, I was even a bit wary for some reason, but I am so glad I was wrong and I really enjoyed this book.  Luke has been hiding in plain sight for years not really letting anyone get close until the innocent and captivating Alain appears.  Alain can’t remember anything other than his name but has a strong sense to protect Luke along with some of his friends but doesn’t understand it.


Killian looks out for Alain but continues to miss Aloysius and when they are attacked again needs his amped up powers.    Alain is hit with magic again they all need to look at what is more important: power or love.


We see the story from both characters so it allows us to see their feelings and emotions better.  Alain grows on Luke quickly even as he tries to tell himself it is all temporary.  I connected with Luke a little better because I could feel his fear of having his past coming back to haunt him and his heart break when he thought he would lose Alain forever.  I loved when Alain “accidentally” learned how to become Aloysius and he was able to keep his duty to his community and also build a life with Luke.  This was a very nice way to wrap up this series.


Cover art by Reese Dante is beautiful and gives a great visual of Alain’s beauty.


Sales Links: Dreamspinner Press | Amazon | B&N


Book Details:

ebook, 200 pages

Published: 2nd Edition, September 13, 2017 by Dreamspinner Press

ISBN-13: 978-1-63533-543-9

Edition Language: English

Series: The Aloysius Tales #3

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