Author B.A. Tortuga Needs Our Help!



B.A. Tortuga Needs Our Help!

As any reader knows B.A Tortuga is a favorite author of mine here at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words.  I’ve loved her stories for years.  Her ear for local colloqualisms and ‘the vernacular’ is unparalleled. And her love for Texas, cowboys and the rodeo has shown through her characters so vividly, making them come across as authentic, especially larger than life and multidimensional.  They have lived in my heart and memory for years as I suspect they have in yours.

Asked to name a particular favorite story? Almost impossible…there are far too many!  New and old…cowboys and shifters…it doesn’t matter.  The words and stories of B.A. Tortuga enrich our lives.  And now she needs our help and support.  Listen to  Kiernan Kelly below.

From Kiernan Kelly:

BA Tortuga has been a vital part of the m/m writing and publishing community for well over a decade. Together with her wife, Julia Talbot, she created Torquere Press in 2003, the first e-publisher for GLBT romance, giving hundreds of writers a venue to publish their work, and readers a place to find their next great read.  For years, she’s entertained us with her books, her personality, her smile, and her warmth.

Now BA needs our help. She suffers from Takayasu’s disease, an extremely rare and serious arterial illness that has caused her incredible medical issues. The disease is so rare, she’s one of only a handful of people in the United States with it, and doctors are having a difficult time treating her. She’s currently in the hospital as doctors struggle to find a way to help her.

Her medical bills are already enormous.  Now she’s facing a transfer to a Mayo Clinic in another state, where hopefully, doctors will be able to treat her. The financial burden is staggering. She and her wife, Julia, need our help, and the sooner the better.

The funds collected here will be given directly to BA to help offset the cost of relocating, paying her bills and mortgage while she struggles to get treatment.

BA’s situation is dire, folks. She’s given so much to our community, it’s time to give a little back. If you can help, please, please do so. Send her love, send her prayers, and if you can, send a little payback for everything she’s done for us.  She needs us.



Here is the link to the Go Fund Me Page for B.A. Tortuga.   It’s going on Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Word’s sidebar and menu as well.


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