A MelanieM Review: Pop Tart (Asian Idols #2) by Shawn Bailey


Rating: 2.75 stars out of 5

Taemin Park was once a member of the hottest K-Pop group in South Korea, but he isn’t a cute kid anymore and he hasn’t been on a stage in four years. Taemin has been blacklisted in the music world and labeled a trouble-maker for standing up for his rights. But after two years of military duty and two years of soul searching he decides to go back into show business. He offers his services to his old friend entertainment mogul Ace Reign, who jumps at the chance to put Taemin back at the top of the charts again and knows just the guy to manage him.

Aiden Reign is very popular with both the ladies and the men, but he’s never held down a legitimate job in his life. So when his father suggests he take on a job of manager of a pop-star turned R&B singer, Aiden freaks out. He’s used to his father giving him an allowance and he is perfectly okay with that. But now faced with the dilemma of growing up, Aiden decides to do give it his all, especially after he meets the gorgeous young man his father wants him to manage.

I had  such high hopes from reading the blurb but to be honest I barely made it through the story.  So many elements here made it feel like a dry, emotion free tale instead of one sweet romance of pop stars in South Korea.

One definitely was the style of writing here.  It felt entirely too talky.  Everything was over described from their meals to the main characters daily routines, dress until it felt like a checklist of things the author wanted to get into the story…over and over again.  Secondly, the romance or relationship or whatever you want to call it between Aiden and Taemin is weirdly a turn off.  Instant sex that is very all sorts of non sexy, a instant love on one character’s part that’s never really explained or given adequate background, and again just a lack of connection between the two characters so vast that the whole story came across more like a business deal than a love story.

What did I like?  The cultural elements.  I got an excellent exposure to the world of K-pop, the Korean music scene, and Korean culture.  I did enjoy how that aspect of the story made a very solid foundation for what could have been a sweet romance.  But it’s not enough to save the love story which is the main focus here.

Cover art is wonderful.  It definitely drew me to the book.

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Book Details:

Published August 17th 2017 by Painted Hearts Publishing
Edition Language English

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