An Alisa Review: Edward Unconditionally (Common Powers 3) by Lynn Lorenz


Rating:  3 stars out of 5


Edward is on a mission to save his grandmother by using his power. Jack is on a mission to never come out of the closet. It’ll take a dog named Winston to bring them together.


When Jack meets Edward at a traffic stop, his world is rocked—and not for the better. Edward is the gayest man he’s ever seen and Spring Lake is a small town just getting comfortable with its own new gay couple, Brian Russell and Rush Weston. Unlike Edward, Rush and Brian are big, strapping, manly men. But manly isn’t what turns Jack on. It’s Edward—everything about the younger man drives Jack wild with desire and the need to control Edward’s wild, impetuous spirit.


For Edward, his attraction to ‘bad boys’ has been his romantic downfall. His heart’s been broken so many times he’s lost count. When he meets Jack, Edward falls for the all-American by-the-book lawman, but finds his attempts rebuffed and his pride severely wounded. Jack’s straight, or at least says he is, but Edward knows that look in Jack’s eyes—he’s seen it before in other men. How can a man so right be so wrong?


Edward tempts Jack beyond anyone he’s ever met and his desire for Edward builds each time he encounters the younger man, until he can no longer deny it or himself. But Edward doesn’t want sex on the side, he wants forever. He wants the fairy tale.


Can Jack give Edward what he wants or will Jack’s fear of being ridiculed for his choice of a partner keep them from their happily ever after?


From their first meeting Jack and Edward’s relationship seems to be a comedy of errors.  Jack is embarrassed and then on top of that has to take Edward’s dog home.  They both push each other’s buttons, both the good and the bad, but have to learn a little about adapting too.


I didn’t quite connect with these characters as much as I did in the other books and felt that there was more to Jack’s backstory than what was told.  He continues to push Edward away and suddenly gives into his feelings to stand beside him and it just came out of the blue to me.


I did feel for Edward, he had been pushed away by his father and manipulated by his mother for most of his life and just as he is getting to know that one person who loves him no matter what he loses her.  But Olivia left a good base for Jack to finally latch on to.  I loved the support these two got from those around them and getting to see everyone from the previous books some more.


The cover art by Posh Gosh is great, I love the visual of Winston and continues the pattern for the series.


Sales Links: Pride Publishing | Amazon | B&N


Book Details:

ebook, 223 pages

Publication: 2nd edition, August 22, 2017 by Pride Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-78651-597-1

Edition Language: English

Series: Common Powers #3

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