An Alisa Review: A Cowboy for Caleb (Great Plains Shifters #1) by L.C. Davis


Rating:  4 stars out of 5


Falling for his deceased twin brother’s mate was never part of Dustin’s plan.


This midwestern Alpha might be a little rough around the edges, but he lives by a few simple principles and honor is chief among them.


Nonetheless, when tragedy strikes the Meadowlands Pack, Dustin feels he has no choice but to bring his twin’s mate home to take care of him. The only problem is, Caleb isn’t anything like Dustin expected of the city omega who stole his brother’s heart and divided their family.


What starts out as trying to do the right thing soon becomes a blurry series of complicated decisions that lead Dustin further away from the path he’s always followed—and further into the arms of the one omega he was never supposed to want.




Caleb has been through the worst a mated omega could fear. He’s lost his mate and their unborn child, and now he finds himself at the mercy of an Alpha who has every reason to hate him.


Despite being twins, Dustin and Caleb’s former mate, Alec, are nothing alike. Caleb wants nothing more than to please his new Alpha and secure his position in the pack, but Dustin seems to take everything he says the wrong way.


As forbidden tensions mount between Alpha and omega, Caleb begins to fear that Dustin will start taking his developing interest the right way.


I enjoyed this story.  Dustin pretty much lives for his pack and spends all of his time and energy running it.  He has been trying to get his brother and parents to come to neutral ground so that they can all see each other again.  While it hasn’t happened yet he is hopeful but then tragedy strikes and Alec is taken away for good.  Caleb is mourning the loss of his mate and child when Dustin comes to take him home.  He has never been to his mate’s pack lands and has a lot of adjusting to do.


I hurt for both Caleb and Dustin, they lost someone very important to them but then feel as if their feelings are betraying Alec.  Dustin knows it’s fate but can’t find the right time to tell Caleb that they are mates.  When biology kicks in Caleb does what he thinks the right thing for Dustin is even if it hurts himself.  These two are able to find comfort in each other but also the hope of the future.  The only problem I had with the book was Dustin’s mom, I just couldn’t get past how horribly she treated everyone.


Cover Artist: Wolf Conan, cover art is a nice and catches your eye.


Sales Link: Amazon


Book Details:

ebook, 141 pages

Published: October 8, 2017 by LC Davis

Edition Language: English

Series: Great Plains Shifters #1

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