A Jeri Review: Love By Number by DJ Jamison


Rating: 3 Stars out of 5

This was a cute little book that could have gone a lot deeper.
Aidan is “close to being on the spectrum” of autism. But all of his mannerisms and quirks say that he is definitely on the spectrum. Quite a bit was spent on saying how different he was. Which is fine, and I actually really like Aidan, I just wish there wasn’t that qualifier right at the beginning of the book about being “close to”.
Jesse is drawn to Aidan when he sees him at a baseball game he is attending with his grandfather. And then quite literally runs into him in the parking lot. Jesse has about zero interest in baseball, but goes with his grandfather because it makes him happy.
So while Jesse and Aidan were complete opposites, I didn’t really get that opposites attract vibe from them at all. Their relationship kind of seemed like convenience brought on by a meddling grandfather. It was cute, for sure, but there was no substance at all.
I enjoyed Jesse’s grandfather a lot. I thought he was adorable- especially the way he tried to fix up Aidan and Jesse. And Jesse’s mother was great. Supporting him without being too overly protective.
The story was ok for what it was. I am glad it wasn’t longer, but I definitely think it needed more.
Cover art is eye catching and perfect.

Sales Link:


Book Details:
indle Edition, 123 pages
Published October 11th 2017

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