A MelanieM Review: Dragon Lesson (Supernatural Consultant #6) by Mell Eight


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

All Lumie wants is Goldie’s beautiful smile, but the only expression he ever shows Lumie is tears. When Goldie asks him for a favor, Lumie leaps at the chance to finally see Goldie happy.

Goldie wants to live a life free of the fear that has chained him for so long, but breaking free of them once and for all may come with a higher price than he and Lumie are prepared to pay.

Cover by Aisha Akeju is similar in tone and coloration to the other books to brand the series, along with the “dragon kid like” footprints which these dragons are now long past.  It makes it feel like a children’s story and in fact they are getting their mates. Just not a fan.

We’re now up to book six in the Supernatural Consultant series by Mell Eight and she’s still running strong and not out of dragon kits yet.  In Dragon Lesson, it’s one of my favorite of Dane and Mercury’s  odd children or dragon kits as it were.  Lumie, a dragon of mixed elements the result of heinous scientific experiments, he’s been something of an adorable enigma throughout most of the stories.  He’s been capable of astonishing feats of power even at the youngest of age and has abilities that not even his mixed elemental powers can explain.  Now of age to go to college, Lumie finds himself at a crossroads at every stage of his life.

In a previous story, several dragons were rescued from yet another “lab” by Dane, Mercury and family along with government help.  One of them was a badly abused and tortured dragon  named Goldie (you won’t have to guess the element here). Lumie finds himself instantly drawn toward Goldie, trying in his own way to help the dragon heal and move forward.

These are short stories.  Yet, Mell Eight still produces a tale that shows Lumie trying to figure out where he belongs (he doesn’t think it’s college), how much he loves his family), what’s happening with some of the other kits, and still produce a suspense story that moves the entire series arc forward.  That would be the one about the mystery of the person behind the dragons kidnapping and experimentation to begin here.  Goldie and Lumie figure heavily into the plot as well as find they mean something much more to each other.

Dragon Lesson is another wonderful edition to the series.  But if you are coming at it new, I expect you would be quite lost.  These are not standalone stories but need to be read in progression starting at book one as the characters age and the plots build on one another.

Sales Links:   Less Than Three Press | Amazon

Book Details:

Published October 10th 2017 by Less Than Three Press
ISBN13 9781684310913
Edition Language English

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