An Alisa Review: The Past Comes Home (Ames Bridge #2) by Silvia Violet


Rating:  4 stars out of 5


Twenty years ago, Paxton Marshall realized he liked boys, in particular his brother’s best friend, Brad. Pax now runs a successful art gallery, but he’s never found anyone who stirs his heart the way Brad did.


Brad Watson is back in town for his twentieth high school reunion. However, the celebration of long-ago days is the last thing on his mind. He’s there for one reason: to finally tell Pax how he feels.


Pax is shocked to learn Brad is not only gay but also interested in him. Dating a man in Ames Bridge isn’t as simple as it sound, though. In order to make a relationship work, both men will have to bolster their courage and alter their expectations.


*This book is an expansion of a previously published short story titled Open to the Past. Over 35,000 words have been added.*


This was a nice story that showed love and the support of others can get you through.  Pax is mostly happy with his life and has really closed himself off to love as he knows it is hard in their small town.  Brad never got over his attraction to Pax and is finally at the point in his life where he wants to pursue him.


Brad and Pax haven’t really seen each other much since Brad graduated high school but neither have ever really let go of their crushes.  Pax moved back home after his brother’s death to help out his aging parents knowing it would never really allow him to meet someone to spend the rest of his life with.


I understood Pax’s doubts and fears but he has let them rule his life for so long.  He was a big supporter when his friends’ made their relationship public but isn’t sure is he is willing to g=fight so hard for his own.  Brad just jumps in with both feet and is willing to move away from the city he loves to be with the man he loves.  While I enjoyed the story there was a bit more of the stereotypical southern redneck attitude in some of the town and it just felt a little forced.  I was glad to see Brad and Pax finally have the serious conversation they should have had all along to be able to have a real future together.


The cover art by Meredith Russell is nice and gives good visuals of the characters.


Sales Link: Amazon  


Book Details:

ebook, 229 pgs

Published: October 3, 2017 by Silvia Violet

Edition Language: English

Series: Ames Bridge #2

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