A Stella Review: Making Home (Bay Valley U #1) by Dev Bentham


RATING 3 out of 5 stars

In his real life, Manu Contrares makes a decent living as a videographer in New York. But when his mother goes into hospice, he heads home to Bay Valley to help take care of her and ends up back at his first job on the janitorial staff of the local college. It feels like a long step down for a proud Hispanic man.

Chris Hall loves teaching but hates research. That’s becoming a big problem because his third-year faculty review is coming up and if he doesn’t make something happen soon, he’ll be out. He’s spending his nights working in the lab on a Hail Mary attempt to save his job.

When the two men meet, it’s explosive. And complicated. Chris is lily-white and culturally tone-deaf and Manu’s only in town for a short stay. It’s a recipe for heartbreak. Still, the pull between them is too strong for either to ignore. Can they overcome their different backgrounds and somehow surmount the geographical problems, or is this a fling that will leave them both more exhausted and lonely than before?

I chose to review Making Home because although the author is well known in the mm community, I actually read just another book by her and specifically this story’s blurb interested me quite a lot and I was curious. I have to say I dived into the book as soon as I had it in my kindle and finished it in one night. That’s to say that I liked this novel, I found the plot heartbreaking and lovely. How Manu left his life in New York to be beside his mum for her last days on the Earth and how he met Chris and fell in love with him was sweet and simple and so natural it made the story very real.

I liked this story but it didn’t fully satisfy me. Although it has all the elements that could have caught my heart and put me in tears, it missed something. And it probably what I missed come from the characters. All of them were enjoyable characters but they needed to tell me so much more. I read about them be connected to each other. I saw their need to be together. I saw Manu struggle with his grief. I saw and read everything but the point is I didn’t feel them. And this is the only reason I’m giving Making Home only three stars, my inability to be involved in the story. Probably due to my mood of that day, I’m surely going to reread this new release by Dev Bentham in the next future. And I would love to read Kyle’s story. I hope the author will give it to me sooner.

The cover art by Fiona Jayde is simple and well done, I like its lightness and colors.

Sales Links: Loose id LLC     |   Amazon


ebook,128 pages

Published October 3rd 2017 by Loose Id

ISBN13 9781682523940

Edition Language English

Bay Valley U series #1

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