A Kai Review: Only with You (Only Colorado #1) by J.D. Chambers

Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5
“I guess if the worst thing I’m doomed to in life is mediocre sex, my life isn’t too bad.”
Self-starter and business analyst Zach Keller is living his dream life. He spends his days working from home in his favorite Tolkien t-shirts and pajamas while mothering his best friend-slash-roommate. The fact that his sex life is a bust and his love life is nonexistent?  Unimportant. After his college boyfriend berated him for his unconventional desires, Zach doesn’t plan on sharing that part of himself ever again, anyway.
“I’m tired of feeling like I missed out on something by not going to college.”
Craig Pela isn’t lonely.  He has tons of friends and weekends packed with activity.  He hasn’t needed anyone since he left home at eighteen and never looked back.  But everyone around him is moving forward in life, while he still works the same retail job at the same video game store, and it’s making him question his life choices.  After all, he doesn’t want to be the loser still playing video games at fifty, does he?
As their relationship develops, Zach’s shy nature melts away to reveal an irrepressible geek that charms the pants off Craig. And Craig’s kind patience and ability to match him obscure quote for quote leaves Zach wondering if he’s finally met the man he can be his true self with. After all, how can someone else love you when you keep a part of yourself hidden?

Guys! This book ♥… It went directly to my heart, reaaally!

First of all, look that beautiful cover! Lovely, right? I loved the title letters, the colors, the model (hi, handsome!)… Really, Garrett Leigh did an amazing job designing this cover. It’s simple and pretty, suits the book and just invites people to read it. I mean, one of the things that made me try this book was the cover, so it needs credit.

Let’s talk about the story then. Guyyys, what a well-written book! It was fluid, consistent, evolving, with the perfect amount of angst. Once I started I couldn’t stop until I finished.

The main characters were so great! They had layers and felt real. Both had some insecurities and family problems, but one helped the other with throughout the story.

 I loved Zach and Craig connection and how they accepted and loved each other. I was so cheering for them, from the beginning to the end.

Even the supporting characters were amazing and well described. Ben, for example, was so funny. And I loved his friendship with  Zach.

The only thing wasn’t so appealing to me in this story was the kink. I’m not a voyage reader fan, so that didn’t impress, sorry. But since it was truly well written and described, it was kind of interesting to read. Not my cup, but a person who is into this type of kink read would definitely love it! 

Well, I truly recommend this book. Specially if you like kinks. Even if not, the story is so much more than that, so I recommend it anyway. Go there, read it and let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy.

Sales Links

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Only-You-Colorado-Book-ebook/dp/B07778DDJH

Book Details:
Ebook: 224 pages
Published December 5th, 2017

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