Scotty Cade on Celebrations, Holidays and his new release ‘Someone to Kiss’ (author guest post)

Someone to Kiss by Scotty Cade
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Happy Holidays All!

I’d like to thank you in advance for spending some time with me and learning a little of the story behind the story, so to speak for “Someone to Kiss.”

Most of “Someone to Kiss” takes place over the Holidays on two consecutive years. While writing the story I thought a lot about that specific time of year and how it affects people, including me and I think some of that came out in Dane and Carter’s characters.

For many, the Holiday’s can be a special time to spend with loved ones, as well as reconnect with old friends. But for some the Holidays can be stressful taking into consideration the added expense, travel, and typical family drama. But for so many it goes beyond that. This time of year can be very dark and depressing. Throughout my life…it has been all of the above.

Luckily for most of the last twenty something years, except when my husband Kell and I lost our parents, the Holidays have been a wonderful time shared with our combined families. Since Kell and I bought the Inn and restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard in 2004, we have been the ones forced to travel back down south year after year if we wanted to be with family. And then the question—whose family do we see? And that in itself was another source of angst.  So most years we tried to see both, which meant a week of constant travel. Trust me, by New Years Day we were exhausted.

But slowly over the years, without our parents as the glue that holds families together, things have started to change. It’s become harder and harder to get our family’s to see the importance of sharing this special time. In recent years, my sisters have carved out families of their own with their sons and daughters and their spouses, and of course, their grand kids and that has become their main focus. And the same for Kell’s family. I think I get it. Sort of. I keep wanting things to be the way they were when we were younger and have everyone together, but things change and priorities change. I guess it’s time to man up and be an adult.

Personally, Christmas is Christmas, but New Years Eve and I have always had a love/hate relationship, which Dane experiences in the story as well. When I was young and single it marked the end of another year alone, but also gave me a renewed hope for the coming year. It signaled an ending and a beginning all at the same time, which left me not knowing how to feel. Most New Year’s Eve’s were filled with anticipation. I mean who doesn’t want to meet someone on that night of all nights. But then when I didn’t, it won’t down hill from there. Oddly enough Kell and I met in late spring and committed to each other, (the only form of marriage we had back then) on guess when? New Year’s Eve. So all’s well that ends well.

But I think as grown ups we all need to try and not get consumed by the holidays. But it happens every year, and usually not in a good way.  The buying of the right gifts, who we should buy for, trying to be in a specific place at a specific time, managing the family drama and all of a sudden the fellowship takes a back seat.

But this year is a new start for us. We’ve decided to stay put in our new home in South Carolina. We’ll be waking up Christmas morning in our own bed, in our own house and are thrilled to be able to do it. And we’ve given our family’s the same choice. We love them all and we know they love us, but we’ve determined its time to live and let live. It won’t stop them from being family or affect how we feel about them, but we’re no longer doing the hectic travel dance or doing our best to see everyone or get everyone together. And surprisingly…everyone is okay with it.

But on a great note, in learning to adult, we got our wish. We will have a house full of people on Christmas Eve. Some family, some friends and neighbors as well as other’s like us who won’t be traveling. It will be fun and festive and we’re looking so forward to it. So in the end, when we let go of the stress, suddenly our home will be filled with people coming and going over the holidays and so if you’re like us, try and not let the holidays get you down. Go with the flow, enjoy yourself and most of all be safe and happy.

If you’d like, take a moment to tell me about your Holiday experiences. Do you see any of your family traits in the descriptions of ours? Do you love or hate the holidays?

If you do decide to post, you’ll automatically be entered into a drawing for a e-book of “Someone to Kiss.”

Thanks for spending the time with me and I wish you and yours the best of the Holiday season and all the good New Year has to offer.


Dane McCormick’s job negotiating leases and building out furnished office suites takes him all over the country. He stays until the job is done—and then he moves on. As satisfying as the job is, it leaves him no place to call home and no chance to build a personal life. After arriving in Greenville, South Carolina, for a job, a severe stomach virus knocks Dane for a loop. He finds a local urgent care clinic… and a tall, dark, and handsome doctor who goes well above and beyond his duties to treat Dane. The doctor’s bedside manner makes Dane forget all about his stomach flu.

Carter Baldridge has dedicated his life to caring for others. Since graduating from medical school, he has spent all his time and energy building his urgent care business. But the morning he steps into his examining room and sees Dane McCormick on the table, he realizes it might be time to devote some attention to a part of life he has neglected. The spark is there, but so is a major obstacle in the form of Dane’s peripatetic lifestyle and a bad experience in Carter’s past. Both have to decide if the risk is worth the reward.

About the Author

Scotty Cade left Corporate America and twenty-five years of Marketing and Public Relations behind to buy an Inn & Restaurant on the island of Martha’s Vineyard with his partner of over twenty years. He started writing stories as soon as he could read, but just five years ago for publication. When not at the Inn, you can find him on the bow of his boat writing gay romance novels with his Shetland sheepdog Mavis at his side. Being from the south and a lover of commitment and fidelity, most of his characters find their way to long healthy relationships, however long it takes them to get there. He believes that in the end, the boy should always get the boy.

Here’s where you can find me:


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By Scattered Thoughts

At over 50, I am ruled by my terriers, my gardens, and my projects. A knack for grubbing about in the woods, making mud pies, and tending to the injured worms, bugs, and occasional bird and turtle growing up eventually led me to working for the Parks. I was a park Naturalist for over 20 years, and observing Nature and her cycles still occupy my hours. From the arrival of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds in the Spring to the first call of the Snow Geese heading south in the Fall, I am entranced by the seasons. For more about me see my bio on my blog.


  1. This sounds good. Looking forward to it.
    For a lot of years when our boys were younger we had to alternate Christmas. We live close to my family but my husbands family is a 10hr drive away. Since my mother in law passed we dont really do big family Christmases with them anymore. However thos Christmas i jad my sons and daughters in law and some of my husbands family here. It was awesome.
    Thanks for chance.


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