A Stella Review: Motorcycle Man by Sarah Hadley Brook


RATING 3,5 out of 5 stars

Motorcycle shop owner Ben Makowski offers a three-day class for new riders. When he finds out one of his students doesn’t even like motorcycles, he’s irritated but drawn to the man at the same time. Though he can clearly see the new student is dealing with something difficult, Ben sets out to get to know what that might be and if he can help in any way.

Writer Angus Winter’s publisher has insisted he learn about motorcycles for an upcoming book, which is the last thing he wants to do. His fear of motorcycles stems from a tragedy in his past. But something about his sexy new teacher makes him want to open up to the man. Can Angus trust Ben with the burden he’s carried for so long?

Motorcycle Man is a lovely and emotional short about Angus and Ben, two persons so different from each other, it seems impossible something between them can happen. Angus is not Ben’s type, still the spark is there from the start, so strong probably the lust at first sight could become love.

Angus is a writer and he has been forced by his publisher to attend Ben’st class even if he wants nothing to do with motorcycles. Ben is drawn to the young redhaired cutie and he knows there is something underneath his unwillingness, anyway he is too attracted to Angus to let him go away.

This is a short story, just forty pages and there is really not much space for a lot of development or background about the characters, but the author told me what I needed to know to actually enjoy the story. I met the important persons in Ben’s life, I discovered why Angus is so scared of bikes, I felt his pain and I saw a potential HEA between the MCs.

I’m pretty satisfied with Motorcycle Man and I will continue to read the author next works.

The cover designed by Written Ink Designs is simple and clean, I like it.



Kindle Edition, 41 pages

Published January 13th 2018 by JMS Books LLC


Edition Language English

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