A Stella Review: Still The One (The Best Gift #2) by Shawn Lane


RATING 3,75 out of 5 stars

Sequel to The Best Gift

Best friends Malcolm and Dusty have been together as a happy couple for five years. But now Malcolm’s budding career as a stage actor has taken an exciting turn, sending him across the country to Broadway, just as Dustin’s dream of being named Head Chef at the restaurant where he works is coming true.

As the distance tests their relationship, can their love and friendship survive? Can Malcolm find a way to prove to Dusty he’s still the one?

I read the first book in The Best Gift series by Shawn Lane around Christmas time, and although I enjoyed it, it wasn’t a huge success. Nonetheless when I saw this sequel, I wanted to give the author and the characters a second chance and I wasn’t disappointed at all, Still the One was a lovely reading.

What I found here was exactly what I was hoping to have in the first book, I finally felt the characters and saw how they were living their HEA. While The Best Gift seemed to me a little rushed, in this new short I learned more about Malcolm and Dusty, I saw them being truly in love and have a strong attraction, satisfied not just in their romance but in their jobs too. In fact both of them were living the jobs of their dreams. Then things changed and I saw them being scared of their future together.

I was pleasantly surprised with Still the One, well written and engaging, easy and quick to read, although a short story, it was well done. The chemistry between Malcolm and Dusty was pretty hot and the feelings real and clear. I will definitely look for more titles from the author.

The cover art is clean and simple and the colors works well together. I like it.

Sales Links:  JMS Books LLC  | Amazon


Kindle Edition, 46 pages

Published January 20th 2018 by JMS Books LLC (first published April 11th 2010)

ASIN B078L71T83

Series The Best Gift #2

Edition Language English

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