An Alisa Review: Camp Lake Omega by Penelope Peters


Rating:  4 stars out of 5


Jim Smith isn’t your average omega.


My first alpha died after we’d been bonded for a week – since then, I’ve been living a quiet life sequestered in my parents’ house. Now I’ve got one last summer of freedom working as a camp counselor at Camp Lake Omega before they force me to settle down and find a mate. I’m going to wring every drop of fun from this summer that I can, no matter how bad of an idea he – I mean, it is!


Zachary Ito isn’t your average alpha.


I watched my father screw up one relationship after another. No way am I going to let myself fall under the influence of omega pheromones like he did. I’ve devoted my life to running Camp Alpha-by-the-Lake, hoping to teach young alphas how to respect and protect omegas instead of seeking to control and overpower them. There’s no room for fun in my life, no matter how intriguing he – I mean, it is!


But one chance encounter at the beginning of the summer…


…And neither Zachary nor Jim can get the other out of their heads – or out of their beds! When Jim’s biology puts not only himself but another counselor in danger – will Zachary be there to help him to safety?


I am a sucker for Alpha/Omega stories of all different genres and I really enjoyed this one.  Jim has pretty much been left in limbo because his first alpha dies and not one really knows what to do with him.  Zachary is determined to not get attached to any omega because he doesn’t want to feel like a slave to his hormones.


I love that Zachary becomes attracted to Jim before he realizes he is an omega due to some strange omega scent stuff but that he is still willing to see Jim when he finds out if quite telling as to how he is feeling.  When Jim goes into heat Zachary has to decide what it is he really wants to be happy.  We see both of these characters’ points of view which gives great insights to their thoughts and feelings.  I got frustrated with Zachary when he makes assumptions and hurts Jim and even worse sends him running to hide.  I loved seeing that they were able to build a solid relationship that lasts years later with their adorable family.


The cover art by Amourisa Designs gives nice visuals of Jim and Zach.


Sales Link: Amazon


Book Details:

ebook, 134 pages

Publication: July 18, 2017

Edition Language: English

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