A Stella Prerelease Review: Love on a Battlefield by Posy Roberts


RATING 4 out of 5 stars

Not every compass points north.

Andrew Summers is forced to spend his vacations reliving Civil War battles with his father. He hates every minute, until a blue-eyed, red-haired boy behind enemy lines catches his eye.

Shep Wells would much rather travel the world than play at boring war reenactments. He never dreamed a Texan boy would capture his heart.

Real life and years separate them; Andrew is forced onto real battlefields, but for Shep the world is a playground. They’re opposites, but writing letters closes the distance, uncovering their hopes and dreams. When Shep visits Andrew, they get to see if the tug they’ve felt for years is the compass pointing the way home.

This is a story about first times, second chances, and the transformative power of the written word.

I waited so long for a new release from Posy Roberts that I was very much happy to finally have Love on a Battlefield in my hands, especially since I adore second chance at love and the author is a favorite of mine. And I think Posy delivered a really well done story. I truly felt the romance here and the deep connection that linked Andrew and Shep together, it was pretty clear from the few moments they spent with each other.

Every year Andrew’s father took him to Civil War reenactments since he was a kid. He had fun during those times playing with kids like him, until, eighteen years old, during one of those meeting, he saw Shep, the boy with red hair, always carefree and laughing. They spent a couple of hours together and later, when the reenactment ended, they came back home but they decided to write to each other. Andrew in Texas, Shep in California or flying around the world, they had college to attend. Instead Andrew’s college plans burnt when his father lost all his money and Andrew only choice became the Army, not at all what Andrew was hoping for a future. Four years later his time in the Army was ending and he was finally ready to create the future he wanted and be free to be open with his sexuality. But a mine happened and he was discharged. Now twenty three years old, he is depressed and full of pain, he is deep in his own troubles, it’s became easy to just stay home. He is ready to let go when he met Carlos and his dyslexia. This meeting is what saves Andrew, he starts to go out of his home and little by little a new life begins.

A new life without Shep, and even if it can sounds stupid missing and wanting someone he actually talked and kissed just one time five years ago, Andrew aches for Shep. And when Shep comes back in Andrew life, it’s time to give their attraction a chance.

I liked this story quite a lot, I loved the writing but it wasn’t a surprise cause I adored every single book the author released in the past. What really surprised me was how much I like the story although the author gave me just Andrew’s POV. In fact I lately noticed I tend to prefer the double POV, it often seems to me I miss a lot with just one MC’s POV. This time I have to say it worked well. Moreover it was probably the right choice,because at the end Andrew’s past (and present) was most troubled and emotional, sure Shep’s would have been more interesting and adventurous but I need to be moved with more troubled characters and Andrew conquered my heart. I feel like I know  him well, the same way as I know a friend. And that’s the reason why I loved this novella and I want to recommend it to all of you.

The cover art by GoOnWrite is clean and well done, I particularly like the colors.

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Kindle Edition, 126 pages

Expected publication: February 20th 2018 by Labyrinth Bound Press

ASIN B0799K9F57

Edition Language English

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