A Stella Review: If Ever I Cease to Love You by Shawn Bailey


RATING 2 out of 5 stars

Winston James falls instantly in love with bartender Jacobi Griffin one night when he is in the French Quarter club entertaining some clients. To get to know Jacobi he asks Jacobi’s boss to recommend a good bartender for Winston’s upcoming party. Of course the man recommends Jacobi after giving Winston the four-one-one on him. Winston has never been one to beat around the bush. Not only does he ask Jacobi to work for his party but also tells him to bring an overnight bag because the two of them would be spending the night together.

Bartender Jacobi Griffin didn’t fall for cheesy come-ons or sleep around. Although the city of New Orleans is teeming with tourists for the Mardi Gras season Winton and Jacobi find the time to spend together getting to know each other by blocking out everything around them and falling in love.

I’m a huge fan of insta-love stories and reading the blurb, If I Ever Cease To Love You sounded really good, that’s why I jumped at the chance of reading it and I was really curious about it.

From the beginning I understood this review would’t be a positive one, at the end I settled on 2 stars (and not a lower rating) because I found the writing good and the characters well defined, two basic elements I need in my reads.

I repeat, I love insta-love/lust plots, but they have to be supported by a reality and a credibility that were so missing here. I read romance because I want to dream about love, I want to believe that love stories can happen to everyone in RL. I want to connect with a character and I can’t do all these things if the plot is so unbelievable it makes the reading  truly a pain.

This was the first book by Shawn Bailey, although there’s a bad review, I won’t give up on her and will surely read more of her works in the future.

The cover art is lovely, clean and fitting. I like it.

SALE LINKS: Smashwords | MLR Books | Amazon


Kindle Edition, 1 edition, 67 pages

Published February 8th 2018 by MLR Press


Edition Language English

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