Riptide Publishing – A New Statement


Riptide Publishing – A New Statement


As the situation as Riptide Publishing has progressed from bad to worse and many authors are still pulling their books from the publisher, here is the latest statement from that house:



What does that mean for  some of your favorite authors?  Well, you will need to go to their author and FB pages to see who exactly is leaving.  Some authors like Garrett Leigh, LB Gregg, Alexis Hall, Lisa Henry, Cari Z (some of her stories will remain as she explains on her FB page) KJ Charles, Christine d’Abo, Vanessa North, Roan Parrish, JA Rock, among others have stated they are pulling their stories.  Authors that have stories linked to series like the Porthkennack or Bluewater Bay universes will have those stories remain with Riptide Publishing, can they can’t “unlink” them as the Origin World itself belongs to the publisher. Others still like Ally Blue are caught up with contractual obligations and have no other option but to stay. So many complications. I feel for them all.

Many are offering these authors free covers, editing services, help with self publishing, promo work etc. Help will be needed as you can imagine.  Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words is offering up our sidebar space to all the ex Riptide authors (no cost) for them to help promote their new releases on a rotating basis as well as Book Spotlight Promos too to replace the tours they’ve lost.

Riptide Publishing has closed down for  all new submissions.  What does this mean for their future? I have no idea.

Even now other authors are coming out with their own stories of horror about Sarah Lyon, the racism they experienced and more.  I don’t think this is over yet.

Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words is going to honor our commitments to the authors at Riptide Publishing to review the stories we have in house and the tours we have scheduled.  We in no way want to hurt the authors that are innocent here.

What we will do in the future is under heavy discussion at the moment should we be asked for any future tours if Riptide Publishing survives.  That it will remains to be seen.  More work is needed starting at the top before people can believe in them again. But to do that you need to survive, and that’s looking bleaker by the minute.

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