A Lila Review: Bad Seed by Gareth Vaughn


Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Dane’s a Decrypter down on his luck — after accidentally dispatching the wrong creature, he’s sent to a small town where the cryptids he hunts are sparse. Crypt Coffee becomes his business front, but instead of a thrilling new mission on the side, he’s stuck sending ghosts back to where they came from. Dane can annoy customers, at least, and tries to scare off Professor Sean Sanderson when he starts poking around too much.

But Sean isn’t about to stay away. Not when he hears about the murder of a former student, and definitely not if young, exciting Dane has information about it. But the more he allows himself to get dragged into this supernatural world of monsters and ghosts, the more the danger escalates. And if Sean and Dane aren’t careful, tracking down a murderer who can use magic might just get them killed.

Bad Seed is a hard book to get into. It has an interesting premise, diverse characters, and an uncommon plot. Perhaps there were too many items in the mix to follow a coherent story. At some points, it felt like a vignette of events happening to the characters without much else. You must pay attention to be sure you don’t lose track of the days or the events.

I wanted to like Sean and Dane but their prickly exterior kept each other and the readers away. The book has a dual point of view but it changes for a sentence or two before returning to the other MC. I don’t know what they saw in each other in addition to a quick lay. It was easy to feel how uncomfortable Dane and Sean felt with each other, and it didn’t get better with time.

The author did an excellent job with the descriptions, creating secondary characters, and providing the settings and locations. If you have the patience to slow down your reading and don’t get put off by strong-headed characters, this might be your story.

The cover by Written Ink Designs goes perfectly with the story and the main characters’ descriptions.

Sale Links: JMS BooksAmazon | NOOK

ebook, 211 pages
Published: March 3, 2018, by JMS Books
ISBN: 9781634865890
Edition Language: English

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