A Stella Review: Out Of The Ocean by Lynn Michaels


RATING 1,5 out of 5 stars

Cal Bigsby spent his life working the fishing boats and ignoring who he really is and what he needs to be happy.

Prescott ‘Scott’ Vandenburton is being primed to take over Daddy’s company, but he craves a life of his own. His only escape is sailing his yacht.

When a freak storm hits, both are forced to think about life from a whole new perspective.

Shipwrecked, fighting for their lives, and finding unexpected love.

Let’s start this review saying I was very enthusiastic about having this new story in my hands. I am always curious to read new to me authors and I saw how well loved Lynn Michaels is, so I wanted to give her new release a chance. Plus the blurb sounded interesting and I’m a fan of characters with important age difference.

So, yes the premises were all positive and perfect, but Out of the Ocean revealed to be a huge disappointment to me. A truly disaster. Not a single element worked.

Of course having read the blurb I knew what was going to happen, I knew the MCs were going to be in the middle of the ocean on a lifeboat. I knew this but the story was so badly developed, it was a pain to me to finish it, and I did it just because I had to write a review, otherwise I would have simply DFN.

The first thing that shocked me was how the author decided the MCs should met, I was thinking they were both on the same boat when the storm hit them. It was absurd they were on different boats and later they, each on his own lifeboat, after the storm, met in the ocean. I found it so unbelievable, but it’s romance so I went on with the reading.  Should have been better if I stopped there because it was a succession of implausibilities. Starting with, how two people, alone in the middle of the ocean (I know I tell you “middle of the ocean” two thousand times but it’s the focus point), with no way of asking for help, how neither of them, not even once, showed some fear, a little bit of panic. Nothing. They were like almost dying with nothing to eat, the heat unbearable, but wait for the worst part. They had sex. How was it possible I have no clue.

From that moment, I realized how “nonsense” this book was and I just went into the motion of finish it and put an end to my suffering.

I’m sorry, I don’t feel to recommend Out of the Ocean at all.

Cover art is great with wonderful detailed look to the character.

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Book Details:

ebook, 1st edition

Published March 15th 2018

ISBN13 9781386999409

Edition Language English

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