A MelanieM Review: Why I Trust You by Colette Davison

Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5

Martin is the larger than life funny guy, the one who’s quick to soothe other’s pain, whilst hiding his own. He wants nothing more than to find ‘the one’, but his love life consists of a string of break-ups. He’s close to giving up on love, until he meets Ryan online, the artist whose work speaks to his soul. There are just two problems: Ryan already has a boyfriend and he lives in California, which is one hell of a long way from England.

Working with Martin to develop a game is supposed to be purely business; a way for Ryan to earn the money to leave his abusive boyfriend. Except, he finds himself falling for the enigmatic Englishman. Wondering what kind of spark there might be if they were in the same country is one thing, escaping his boyfriend is another.

Wounded by their past relationships, Martin and Ryan have to learn to trust each other in order to have a chance at building a future together.

I am a real fan of this series by Colette Davison so I’m always excited to see a new one released. Why I Trust You is centered around Martin, friend of Noah and Fin from Why I Need You (a favorite story of mine).   Martin is well off, having managed his money carefully and invested wisely in new projects that pay off handsomely.  However, all his romantic interests can see him as is their money ticket to an easy life.  And this inability to find someone to see himself for himself  has made him lonely and wary.

I liked Martin but I did wonder about his love life. Here, there are agencies and people who vet/screen out some of the potential gold diggers he seems to have dated.  Hell, even Match.com might have done a better job.  So a sort a narrative red flag was raised for me there.  Don’t they have that in the UK?

Anyhow, over in the US ,  Ryan is being severely abused by his boyfriend of 8 years.  Little by little, through mental and emotional manipulations by Zane, Ryan has removed himself from his friends and all his support system, turned over his bank accounts and credit cards,  and is now completely isolated and feeling ashamed.  He’s also being beaten.  Please note if this is one of your triggers.  From Ryan’s perspective, he has that victim’s mentality that comes from being controlled for such a long period of time and the feeling that he let it happen. He knows he needs to escape but where to and how. It’s  gut wrenching to read, especially when you think of all the people out there in the same situation.

All this feels so realistic due to Davison’s fine writing and ability to make us emphasize with her characters.  We believe in them and care greatly what happens to them.

An ad to create and illustrate characters for a new mobile action game is the ticket to meeting Martin and Ryan’s path out of his relationship.  I will leave the details of the  journey to the story.

I really enjoyed this novel and the relationship that built up between the characters.  I think the author “did” all the right things here with Ryan and Martin.  Martin realizing that Ryan needed someone other than him to talk to about the effects of years of domestic violence will leave on a person and suggestion he see a psychologist.  I wish it hadn’t dropped there but at least that suggestion was made.  Martin giving Ryan his space.  All the time spent in London…just lovely.  Some of the best parts of the book actually.

I think my reason for not connecting more with this story or giving it higher ratings is the manner in which the whole domestic violence issue was dealt with.  I’m surprised that there was fully applied BWS or battered woman syndrome which pertains equally to men or women and includes PTSD.  If you  are going to make this a major element in your stories, then I feel you should include a  realistic followup.  That often includes long term PTSD which makes sense for those used to being beaten on a daily basis which Ryan was for years.  The effects of that upon body and mind does not dissipate within months.

That doesn’t happen here  other than a mention or two.  It sort of goes away.  Like his abuser.  Especially one in control of a bank account, credit card, and access to your essential data. Again, that does not add up either.  Look up the statistics.  And I hate loose ends.  So unless the author is planning a sequel to Martin and Ryan’s story, this felt like a huge narrative hole that bumped along all the way to the end.

So while I liked Martin and Ryan and enjoyed their romance, some of the elements included needed a little more expansion and resolution for me to place it up with the other two stories which I totally adored.

Cover art is nice but again not a fan.  Both Martin and Ryan wanted to see each other on equal standing together finally. .  It would have been nice to see that reflected on the cover.Instead you have Martin over top Ryan.

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Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 363 pages
Published April 23rd 2018 by Smudged Ink Press
Edition Language English


Why I Left You 

Why I Need You

Why I Trust You

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