A Barb the Zany Old Lady Review: Creature (Bureau #3) by Kim Fielding


Rating: 5 stars out of 5

This was an incredibly touching story about a “creature” given life after death. John, as he named himself, is quite sentient and though his limbs don’t cooperate, his heart doesn’t beat, and he needs no food or water, he still seems human.

Early in the story when he was still in captivity, as he crawled back into his corner at night after having basked in the joy of a small ray of sunlight that came through his cell window during the day, he captured my heart and never let go. Oh my gosh, Kim Fielding gets me every time. No matter what genre, she always manages to hit my feels and shake some tears loose. At that point in the story, I was hooked and there was no putting the book down until I finished it.

Harry is a young man, who’s down on his luck in the early 1950s and wants to work for the Bureau of Trans-Species Affairs but has failed to get in. He is, however, a candidate for a special project. There’s a man who’s apparently experimenting with bringing bodies back to life, and Harry is assigned to lure him into a trap set by the Bureau. All he has to do is use his own creature—provided by the Bureau—a zombie-like monster they have in a cell in their headquarters. If he can get the man to admit to his experiments, and/or to show where those experiments are taking place, Harry will be offered a permanent position with the Bureau.

The story is like a modern version of Frankenstein’s monster. But it takes a major turn from the original by giving a gentle young man like Harry custody of a very loveable creature. John is completely different in personality from the original monster, and by the end of the story, it’s John who is able to articulate the difference between himself and the monster described in the Frankenstein novel.

One of my favorite themes was used in this story—slow burn romance—one that developed between John, a being who had started as not much more than a skin-over-bones sentient zombie, and Harry, who was a good guy who only wanted to do the right thing for both his boss and the creature he was coming to care for. I thought the way the author allowed for the creature’s physical and mental development to change a little each day as John took care of him was incredibly creative. By the time Harry and John were ready to meet with their target, John appeared to be less creature and more human, except for the scars that showed where he was cobbled together.

There’s plenty of action and exciting drama when the meeting finally takes place and the conclusion was much more interesting than I anticipated. Is it possible for Harry and John to find happiness together? Only Kim Fielding can make me root for a “creature” to get his HEA. And only by reading the story will readers find out for sure. I highly recommend this story. Though third in a series, it can easily stand alone. Plus, one more bonus: all proceed benefit Doctors Without Borders.


The attractive cover features a man sitting curled in on himself, with only the top of his head and arms and legs showing, and all are covered by scars created as the body was sewn together. Very creative and perfect for this story!

Sales Links:  Amazon

Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 101 pages
Expected publication: May 7th 2018
SeriesBureau #3

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