A Free Dreamer Review: Hawk In The Rowan (The Rowan Harbor Cycle #4) by Sam Burns


Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

Devon Murphy has been back in Rowan Harbor for three months. He’s taken on a host of new responsibilities, and is in a serious relationship for the first time in his life. He loves the town and its inhabitants, but it’s starting to feel like too much for the former drifter.

Now there’s a storm on the horizon, and it doesn’t seem like things are going to slow down and let him catch his breath. A blizzard is brewing, and three people have gone missing in the woods south of town. Devon needs to find them before time runs out.

This book is the fourth of nine in The Rowan Harbor Cycle, not a standalone. Devon and Wade will return in book seven for their HEA.

Devon and Wade from book one are back in this fourth installation of the series. They’re my least favourite couple of the three. Devon is just too genuinely nice. While we do find out a little more about his heritage and how that influences his character, I still just can’t quite bring myself to like him.

Nor am I too fond of the relationship dynamic. It always reminds me a little of the big bad Alpha (Wade) and the poor helpless little twink (Devon). It doesn’t help that Wade is actually a werewolf, which makes the whole dynamic even more pronounced. We do see some moments of Devon standing up for himself, so I might just come to like him one day…

“Hawk in the Rowan” mostly focuses on Devon and Wade and their relationship woes. There’s also a storm and some other ominous things happening around town. But overall, it definitely showed that this is the shortest book of the series so far. It felt like we were only just getting started on the real plot at the end. It just wasn’t quite satisfactory and felt more like a little short story between two “real” books. A shame, because I think even Devon and Wade have great potential that just got lost due to not enough pages.

I’m usually very bad at keeping up with series I start, especially if they have more than three or four parts. But something about “Rowan Harbor” just has me coming back for more. While this fourth installation was a bit of a disappointment, I’ll definitely read book five and hopefully the rest of the series as well. I just hope the books will get longer again instead of shorter…

Cover Design: Melanie Harlow @ Clause & Effect.   The is beautiful. I really like it and it fits the story perfectly.

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The Rowan Harbor Cycle Series
Book #2 – Wolf and the Holly
Book #3 – Fox and Birch

Book details:

Kindle Edition, 1 edition, 152 pages
Published May 3rd 2018
Original TitleHawk in the Rowan
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesThe Rowan Harbor Cycle #4

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