A Lila Review: A Disposable Husband by Iyana Jenna


Rating: 2 stars out of 5

Husband-for-hire Gardner Fray will enter into a short term marriage with either a man or a woman, as long as the price is right. Providing a professional — though unusual — service, he guards against emotional attachment to his partners.

Kyle Simmons, an associate at a prestigious legal firm, is desperately in need of someone like Gardner. Unfortunately, he’s still tied to a very influential ex named Antonio who doesn’t want to leave the picture.

When Gardner agrees to marry Kyle, both men find their lives changing for the better. But can they overcome the hurdles thrown their way by the abusive Antonio? More than that, can they find love?

A Disposable Husband is a very short story that feels more like the outline for a longer book. I don’t like rating a story less than three starts but in this case, I can’t recommend it. There’s potential and some shiny moments but unfortunately, not enough to carry the book.

I liked the main idea and what little we saw about the characters. It was interesting and a nice spin to a traditional troupe. The main problem was the abrupt changes and the lack of cohesiveness. In reality, it was a group of snippets together with no final purpose; as if missing half of the story.

It’s normal for a short story to skip forward in time and to hint to off-page events, but in this case, it didn’t work. We finished with more questions than at the beginning and a sense of missing something that could have been good. I hope to see an extended version of this story in the near future.

The cover by Written in Designs is generic. It can fit any number of MM Romances and doesn’t add to the story.

Sale Links: JMS | Amazon | Nook

ebook, 24 pages
Published: April 21, 2018, by JMS Books
ISBN: 9781634866149
Edition Language: English

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