A Lucy Review Summer Swap: Evan and Ty by J.D. Ryan


Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5

A simple misunderstanding is at the basis of how Evan and Ty meet. Evan has been out of town for a while and hasn’t answered his best friend, Lucas’, calls.   So when he lets himself into Lucas’ apartment and realizes Lucas is in the shower, he is juvenile (as we all are sometimes with our besties).  “Flinging the door wide, he shouted “Facebook post!” and snapped a quick picture.”  Whoops.  The problem is the naked guy in the shower isn’t Lucas, but a total stranger. Turns out Ty Mitchell, the stranger, has made a two week house swap with Lucas, who just broke up with his boyfriend.  Since Evan hasn’t listened to Lucas’ voice messages, he didn’t realize. 

As an apology for scaring the heck out of Ty, Evan offers to take him to dinner and show him the town. They have such a good time Evan offers himself as tour guide for the next two weeks.  There are some mentions of the San Francisco places Evan shows Ty and they talk a bit about city vs country and Ty suggests a two week “relationship”.  Evan isn’t sure he can do short term but Ty is convincing.

The back and forth was hit or miss for me. It was irritating how Evan would think “What if he fell for Ty Mitchell – fell hard?” and Ty always responded with “Let’s keep it casual, friendly.”  This even after Evan admits he doesn’t do casual.  It seemed like Ty wasn’t listening and that Evan was going against his instincts.  I didn’t feel any connection between these two at all.  Evan, after just a few days knowing Ty, is imagining the two of them renting an apartment.  Way too quick.

There were a couple editing issues, most notably a name swap, but nothing major that would drag me out of the story.  It is fairly short, 83 pages on my iPad.

I have to say, as Evan is leading Ty around San Francisco and they are sleeping together, I did wonder – Evan never called Lucas?  His best friend just had a break up bad enough to leave the state and Evan doesn’t even check in with him? There is a Lucas twist that I rolled my eyes at, sorry to say.

They call it a “relationship” after just a day or so and Ty warns Evan about falling in love with him.  In less than two weeks Evan is planning how they can make it work long distance.  Normally, I would say great, but despite their touring the city, again, I didn’t get any sense of connection between them.  It’s insta-love that didn’t quite convince me. 

The cover is pretty spot on, with the two MC forehead to forehead, and the San Francisco cable cars and scenery in the background.  That fit the story very well.

Sales Links:  JMS Books LLC | Amazon

Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 1 edition, 44 pages
Published May 5th 2018 by JMS Books LLC
Original TitleSummer Swap: Evan and Ty
Edition LanguageEnglish


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