A Barb the Zany Old Lady Review: Alpha Heat (Heat of Love #2) by Leta Blake


Rating 5 stars out of 5

I didn’t think it would be possible for this sequel to equal my enjoyment of Slow Heat but Alpha Heat met and surpassed it. I want more in this omegaverse where only male humans exist. They are either omega—the softer more feminine men who come on heat and bear children if their alpha impregnates them. Or they are beta—who mostly work either professionally or as servants. Betas aren’t affected by omega heats and rarely have a life partner who is bonded as an alpha and omega may be. Alphas are, of course, the more hirsute, take-charge, dominant men and choose an omega as a life partner unless they find their erosgape—their one true love and fated lifemate.

This story is about Xan Heelies, an alpha who really wants to be an omega. We first met the young man in Slow Heat. He was Jason’s college roommate and the man Jason was gaining his sexual experience with. Atypical for an alpha, Xan enjoyed being a bottom and he was heartbroken when Jason left him for his lifemate, Vale.

Xan has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders as his father’s heir, though he’s not his father’s favorite son. A few years have passed since the first book, and Xan has chosen Caleb as his omega life partner but he’s learned from the disaster of their first heat together that he can’t keep up with his omega in his deep heat so he seeks medical help from Dr. Urho Chase, the only doctor he can trust to tell that he’s “unmanned”—the term used in this universe to indicate an alpha who chooses to bottom for another alpha. Caleb, fortunately, is happy to stay with Xan because he’s asexual and Xan allows him freedom to be himself.

Dr. Urho Chase is the alpha who served Vale in Slow Heat through his heats until Vale found Jason, his erosgape. Urho lost his own erosgape and their infant a long time ago and it’s a loss he can never forget. Disdainful of Xan, a young man he knows has had sex with Jason in the past, he’s nevertheless insanely attracted to him, so he’s stayed away from him for both their sakes. Until one night when he spots Xan just after Xan has had a brutally rough sexual encounter, which could easily be labeled rape, and Urho’s heart and senses go on high alert in his need to protect Xan from this monster and from anyone else who might hurt him.

This is a love story between Xan and Urho that includes Caleb. Though Xan and Urho are sexually attracted and engage in sex—Urho calls Xan his alpha-shaped omega—their love surpasses sex and flows over into Xan’s and Caleb’s relationship where Urho is welcomed with open arms. Of course, this story is not simple at all. This is Leta Blake, so it’s complex, with a few subplots, one of which is a deadly flu that is taking down most of the citizens of their town. Jacob and Vale join Xan and Caleb at their new home in the north, where Xan is establishing a satellite for his father’s business. Naturally, Urho comes along, and thankfully he does, because with Vale’s advancing pregnancy and the flu epidemic finding them even in the remote locale, there’s plenty of drama to keep readers turning pages quickly.

In addition to the fantastic story and complex characterizations in this omegaverse, I loved the terminology the author created. My favorite example: “I can’t wait to see you with our babe in your arms, chestfeeding.” Chestfeeding! Loved it!

The story includes mpreg and knotting, which I know many MM readers love, and of course, there’s plenty of romance and sex. Near the beginning of the story, there is a brief scene of graphic sexual violence so those who may be triggered should be aware.

I’m not sure if the author is going to write more in this world but I would certainly stand in line for a chance to be one of the first to read it. As is obvious by my review, I very highly recommend this book.


The cover by Dar Albert of Wicked Strange Designs depicts a color photo of two bare-chested men embracing. It’s very attractive and fits the characters in this story.

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Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 1 edition
Published May 11th 2018 by Leta Blake Books
Original TitleAlpha Heat (Heat of Love #2)
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesHeat of Love #2

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