A Lucy Review: Whatever Comes First by MK Lee


Rating: 3 stars  out of 5

Matthew isn’t looking for a relationship. Ask him, and he’ll say it’s because between work and studying there’s just no time. Ask his best friend, Sarah, and the story is a little different, and involves a failed relationship that left him raw.

Enter Joel, a childhood friend of Sarah’s recently back in the area. He’s not looking for love, either, but he’s not adverse to the idea of a little fun. Uncomplicated and on the same page: what could possibly go wrong?

Matthew and Joel have been introduced by their friend, Sarah. Matthew hasn’t been with a man yet but he’s realized that he is bisexual, so he’s ready to come out and be with a guy.  As Joel is gay, Sarah figures he is the perfect one to teach Matthew the ropes.  They hook up and Joel is on board to teach Matthew about gay sex. Which he does. Repeatedly. It’s a novella and there are many sex scenes in this. This is really less of a romance and more of sex. Lots of sex. While I am a fan of sex in my books, this really was all about it and after a while I found myself skimming. 

What saved it for me was that the two of them are by turns snarky and funny when they are talking to each other.  We do have some trouble with Matthew ending up falling for Joel even though this was supposed to be a string-free thing but keeping it to himself for fear of losing him.  There is some angst about putting yourself out there again.

The two of them are good together in bed but also funny and good together out of it. Knowing it started with a hookup, I should have expected all the sex but I was looking for a little more connection as well.  It’s a novella so perhaps the length was detrimental to the romance being fleshed out more.  The focus here is on the erotica.

Cover Art by Aisha Akeju:  Light and airy.  It works.

Sales Link:  Less Than Three Press | Amazon

Book Details:

Published May 16th 2018 by Less Than Three Press
Edition LanguageEnglish

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