A Stella Review: My Anti-Marriage (My Anti Series #3) by DJ Jamison


RATING 4,5 out of 5 stars

Can one drunken night in Vegas and a pair of wedding rings lead to a happily ever after?

Love has never been a good bet for Chris, so going on a Vegas wedding trip for his friends is bittersweet. Especially when Ant, the last man to break his trust, is suddenly along for the ride. Which explains why Chris wakes up in his hotel room with the mother of all hangovers. Not so much why Ant is in his bed … or worse, wearing a matching wedding band.

Ant invited himself on a Vegas trip, gambling on a second chance with the man who got away. He never dreamt he’d be the one with a wedding ring on his finger, but if their predicament gets Chris talking to him again, he’ll make the most of it.

Between keeping their secret from friends and trying to figure out what really happened that first crazy night in Vegas, passions ignite. If they can hold on to their fresh start, maybe the Vegas motto doesn’t have to hold true: What happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay there.

I’m so happy I got the opportunity to review the My Anti Series by DJ Jamison, I enjoyed the previous books but My Anti-Marriage is my favorite and the reason simply stands in the main characters. I fell in love with Chris and Ant from the beginning. They were likable, fierce and stubborn in different ways, loyal and then adorable.  They had a strong chemistry going on between them, even when Chris was trying really hard to resist his feelings for the man he thought was a cheater.

The story is not only about enemies who turn into lovers, it’s about second chances too and I love both tropes. And not only I got to read this new couple’s HEA, but I was able to meet again the other guys that fell in love in the other books. My Anti-Marriage was a great addition, I found it very well done and although the author gave me the chance to know that the previous main couples are still in love and building their futures as friends and lovers, not once their moments take space from Chris and Ant’s romance, on the contrary they were the perfect frame for another love to begin.

I feel to recommend the My Anti Series to all of you, it’s quick, well written and so engaging you won’t have enough till the end of the last book.

I like the cover art by Lucas Soltow.



Kindle Edition, 1 edition, 158 pages

Published June 12th 2018 by DJ Jamison


Edition Language English

Series My Anti Series #3

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