A Jeri Review: Something About You by Riley Hart

Rating: 4 Stars out of 5
In true Riley fashion, she has tugged at our heart strings, brought the feels and made us swoon.
Tyler is a hometown boy. Loves his family, dotes on his grandmother and is happy with his work as a handy man. And even though everyone thinks that he and his best friend Sienna are going to end up married, they aren’t. What Tyler really wants is to explore his bisexuality.
Saint is an LA guy. Born and raised he loves the city, the fast paced life and the chance to hook up whenever he wants, no strings attached. And since his parents died in a plane crash, he thought he had no family. But he has a grandmother he didn’t know about.
I really enjoyed a lot about this book. Interracial couple, the super successful guy is the person of color, and they are both bisexual. We need more of all of those things in books.
The only thing I didn’t love was the way Tyler and Saint were super bickering with each other at the beginning. It was a bit repetitious. And while it was a bit formulaic, I still really enjoy the stories and characters that Riley Hart creates.
There wasn’t much of a chance for the romance to build between Tyler and Saint given the circumstances, but I still liked their dynamic and how they tried to get to know each other.
And the relationship each of the men had with their grandmother was so sweet.
Another win for Riley Hart.
Cover art:  X-Potion Designs, is hot and perfect for the story and couple.
Sales Links:  Amazon
Book Details:
Kindle Edition
Published June 17th 2018 by Riley Hart
Edition LanguageEnglish

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