Rayna Vause on Writing and her new release Twice Bitten (guest blog and giveaway)


Twice Bitten by Rayna Vause

Dreamspinner Press
Cover Art: April Martinez

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Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words is happy to have Rayna Vause here today talking about writing and her new release Twice Bitten.  Welcome, Rayna.

Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words Interview with Rayna Vause

  • Has your choice of childhood or teenage reading genres carried into your own choices for writing?

Absolutely! I’ve always been a fan of stories with paranormal elements. When I think back I recall reading stories like A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle, Witches and James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl as bedtime stories. My mom and I would take turns reading to each other. It was fun and I’d get so caught up in the fantasy of the stories. For example, I always thought it was so cool that in a Wrinkle in Time Meg’s brother could read her mind at times and I loved the three immortal characters Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which. But I also enjoyed the science aspect of it, although I didn’t really realize that until I got older. I mean how cool is it that both of Meg’s parents are scientists. Plus, here’s a kids book that’s exploring the world of quantum physics. How cool is that?! (Yes folks, I’ve been a geek since birth)

Next came Nancy Drew and Christopher Pike’s books, all of which laid the groundwork for my love of mystery/suspense and, of course, romance.  Then as an impressionable high school freshman someone handed me my first true romance novel and my fate was sealed. I don’t think I’ve written a story yet that doesn’t include some combination of all of these elements. Do to get back to the original question, yes my childhood and teenage reading very much shaped my writing.

  •  Do you like HFN or HEA? And why?

I actually like both. I think there are some stories in which the characters have gone through a lot together and come to a place of happiness, but they still have more work to do on the relationship. Other stories the characters have reached that place where they are truly ready to commit to forever with each other. I find both equally satisfying, but perhaps that’s because in my head all the HFN stories eventually get to their HEA.

  •  How do you choose your covers?  (curious on my part)

It’s part marketing, part gut, and part what speaks to you the most. It all starts with an art information sheet which is the most painful thing to complete ever because you have to pick your book apart to really get to the essence of the story so that the graphic artists can then bring it to life visually. When I get mock ups from my publisher there is usually one design that speaks to me more than the others. Then I tweak.


  •  Have you ever put a story away, thinking it just didn’t work?  Then years/months/whatever later inspiration struck and you loved it?  Is there a title we would recognize if that happened?

I actually have a book on my to be written list that I walked away from for years because I’d written myself into a corner, and didn’t know how to get out. So, I put it down and let it percolate. Then one day I saw this call from a publisher and it sparked an idea. Next thing I know I’ve got a fully plotted book outline ready to roll.

Also, my current release Twice Bitten is another one that I put on the shelf for a while. I wrote the original version ages ago, then I put it away. At first, I just needed a break from the story. It was too short and basically needed to be ripped apart and put back together again. I just couldn’t figure out how to do that. Then I saw a call from a publisher…(I’m noticing a pattern here.)

  •    If you could imagine the best possible place for you to write, where would that be and why?

My own private island, possibly on a lounge chair in the shade with cool island breezes blowing and nothing but the sound of the wind and the crashing waves. Of course, knowing me I’d get distracted staring out at the blue water, then fall asleep. Honestly, my ideal place to write is some place where I have drinks, snacks, a comfy seat, and zero distractions. I can be like the dogs in Up. You know…SQUIRREL! So, the fewer things that can draw my focus the better.


  • With so much going on in the world today, do you write to explain?  To get away?  To move past?  To widen our knowledge?  Why do you write?

I write because I’ve got so many crazy ideas flitting through my brain that I feel compelled to put them down on paper.  I write because I enjoy telling stories. I write for the challenge of it. I write because of the sense of accomplishment I feel every time I get to The End no matter how much I agonize getting there. Plus, writing is a way for me to bring the science geek side of my personality together with my creative side. Finally, I continue to write because it’s brought me together with an amazing tribe of people who encourage me to keep cranking out my crazy ideas. 

  •  What’s next for you as a writer?

I’ve got a couple stories ideas that I’m poking at. One is a series featuring heroes with different psychic abilities. Another, story I’m working on features the royalty trope because it’s one of my favorites, on par with the secret baby trope. But, the one I’m going to focus on is a medical romantic suspense.


With a new species of vampire stalking the streets, the stakes are high. But that’s not the only reason hearts are on the line.

Danny Reynolds thought Kieran McCade was the one—true love and hot lust forever—until Danny found out Kier’s bloody secret and ran away screaming. Months later, Danny is facing his own paranormal crisis, and he needs Kieran’s help, but are there enough ways to apologize for breaking a vampire’s heart?

Nothing about Danny’s transformation is normal—not the attack that led to it, and not the symptoms Danny’s plagued with—but being in close proximity to Kieran is even worse than becoming a thing that goes bump in the night. Danny and Kieran aren’t the only things threatening to bump each other off, though. Secret organizations and clashing vigilante agendas want to get their hands on Danny. His only hope is to find a fix for his problem before he’s either captured or his abnormal transition starves him to death.

Danny and Kieran might have a real chance to repair their broken romance… but only if they keep Danny alive!

About the Author

Rayna Vause is a lifetime learner who wants to live on a Disney cruise ship travelling the world and thinks purple should be considered a natural hair color. She’s fascinated by the magic and  mystery in the world; things like psychics, demons, cats (especially cats!) and true love. A proud geek, she injects some of her science and tech-obsessed soul into every story she writes. When not writing she’s pursuing another degree, running a conference, working through her massive TBR pile, losing herself in a video game, and plotting her next novel.  


Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/raynavauseauthor

Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/Rayna_Vause

Website – http://www.RaynaVause.com


Contest/Giveaway – http://raynavause.com/contest/

An ebook copy of Demon of Mine.  Leave a comment for Rayna and an email address where you can be reached if chosen. Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.


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  1. Thank you for the interview! Twice Bitten sounds like a great read.
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