A MelanieM Review: Goal Line (Harrisburg Railers #6) by RJ Scott & V.L. Locey


Rating: 4.75 stars out of 5


Fear and sadness mark Bryan’s life, can Gatlin show him that you have to trust before you can love?

Gatlin Pearce is creeping up on thirty-eight and is still single. It’s not that he wants to be alone, it’s just that he’s too damn old to be in clubs filled with glittery gay boys who can’t even tell him who the Rolling Stones are.

Better to just spend his evenings at Hard Score Ink – his tattoo and artwork shop – creating masterpieces on human flesh, listening to the Railers games, and nursing a cold beer.

His solitary life is about to end when Bryan Delaney, the new Railers backup goalie, shows up at his shop looking for new artwork for his helmet. There’s some sort of sad story in those beautiful eyes of Bryan’s, and Gatlin finds himself more than a little infatuated with the tender new goalie.

Bryan Delaney leaves home at fifteen to live with a billet family. He just wishes that he could have escaped his alcoholic father and strictly devout mother earlier. Drafted to the Arizona Raptors he finds a new family, and his first love affair even if that relationship is marked with violence.

Being traded to the Railers is a shock to the system but the team isn’t like any other he’s ever played on and they truly seem to care about him. It’s only when he meets artist Gatlin, with their shared love of music and hockey, that he realizes how much help he needs to escape the past.

When RJ Scott and  VL Locey want to shatter your heart with their broken men, abused pasts, and often seemingly impossible jouney to love and HEA they aim for the goal line because you often feel like you’ve been through the wringer emotionally once the novel is over.

I’m here to tell you with Goal Line (Harrisburg Railers #6) the authors have done it once again.  They’ve scored and Goal Line is a clear winner in every way.  From the characters to the plot lines and so shocking elements found within to the intro into the next story, this novel will often leave you stunned, unable or unwilling to move forward.

Goal Line, of course, focus’ on the new backup goalie for the Harrisburg Railer’s,Bryan Delaney.  Gotten in a trade, Bryan played for an arch rival.  His ties to that old team are hard one to relinquish as someone there plays on Bryan’s deep feelings of inadequacy, lack of self worth, and painful past.  It contributes to his inability to believe that the Railers could ever really like or want him as a teammate.  Talk about a poor broken man!  Bryan only comes alive on the ice.

Of course, its Stan, my  wonderful Russian crazy Stan who starts Bryan on his path to a family with the Railers and something more when he introduces him to Gatlin Pearce, the team’s tattoo artist, to talk about helmet designs.

I’m not going to go into anything more.  Honestly, you just can’t.  There is far too much here and it’s too easy to wade into spoiler town.

There is no easy road for Bryan and Gatlin. Nor should there be.  These are realistic characters with many issues between them that have to be worked out before a healthy relationship can occur.  That you feel that it happens is a tribute to the writing skills and narrative flow of this remarkable story and its authors.

There’s also so much heartbreak I didn’t expect and that looks to be a part of a continuing new arc as the series continues. Unexpected, shocking, and as I said heartbreaking.  Fix it ladies, please.  I will, of course, be with you every step of the way cheering the Railers on because this series just keeps getting better and better.  It doesn’t seem to matter who they bring on, the changing dynamics, or any new elements introduced,  the men  and the authors step up, move forward and it simply gets more amazing.

And yes, I absolutely recommend it. And this story but not out of order.  Pick them up and read them in the order they were written.

Cpver art: Meredith Russell.  I love that cover, its them in a nutshell.

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Book Details:

ebook, 200 pages
Published August 8th 2018 by Love Lane Books (first published August 6th 2018)
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesHarrisburg Railers #6


Book #1 – Changing Lines – Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #2 – First Season – Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #3 – Deep Edge – Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #4 – Poke Check – Amazon UK | Amazon UK
Book #5 – Last Defense – Amazon US | Amazon UK

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