An Alisa Review: Down to Earth (Directions #2) by Jena Wade


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Everett Surlin longed for the day that his Fated mate finally recognized him. It’d been eight years since he’d first met Matt Jenkins, he’d never imagined it take this long for his mate to realize their connection.

Matt Jenkins had done his best to put his past behind him. The abuse he’d endured as a child stayed locked away inside him, never to be shared with anyone. He’d assumed that as a result of his upbringing, he was broken and he would never have a mate. That didn’t stop him from desiring Everett and wishing that they could be together.

When tragedy strikes, Matt stays at Everett’s side, which just might be the push he needs to discover what had been there all along and a future he never dreamed would be possible.

I enjoyed seeing Matt and Everett build their relationship.  Everett has tried to give Matt the space to hopefully realize what they are to each other but with every passing day it gets harder and harder.  While Everett helps Matt when he is put out of his home, Matt helps him when he loses someone important.

There was a chunk of the book where these two were not together and were pretty much distant “friends” since Everett is so gruff but I could see how he was trying to protect himself if Matt never realized who they were to each other.  Truthfully, I don’t think Matt even realized it until he claimed Everett and then there was explaining to do but they quickly meld their lives together.  I thought this story had bit more depth than the last in the series and they had multiple conflicts to resolve they did it together.

The cover art by Silver Heart Design Studio is nice and follows the style from the previous book

Sales Links: Amazon

Book Details:

ebook, 127 pages

Published: June 23, 2018

Edition Language: English

Series: Directions #2

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