A Barb the Zany Old Lady Review: Something About Us (Saint and Lucky #2) by Riley Hart


Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

I had the pleasure of reading this immediately after completing Something About You, book one in the series. Both books were terrific, and this one seamlessly built on the foundation Lucky and Saint began in book one.

Lucky leaves his family and small hometown for the first time in his life as he accompanies Saint back to his world in LA. Fascinated, frightened, and frustrated all come to mind when I think of Lucky’s first weeks with Saint. The traffic is overwhelming and dangerous, and he’s unemployed and feeling down because not only is he not contributing financially, he knows he’ll never earn enough to be Saint’s equal. Speaking of that—Saint has friends and acquaintances, a job, and an important role in society as a supporter of AIDS research and other charitable organizations in the LA area, and the few times Lucky is included, he’s most definitely an outsider.

Though he finally obtains a job in construction, he continues to feel “less than” and Saint inadvertently feeds into that by not including Lucky in his after-work get-togethers and by avoiding taking Lucky to his usual West Hollywood haunts. And on Lucky’s end, he commits a relationship no-no by not telling his boss and coworkers that he’s bisexual and living with a man.

But in the house? In their little love bubble? The two are solid. Or so it seems. Each is holding back a bit, Saint out of habit, Lucky out of fear of the unknown. It takes a crisis for them to finally take a break and work on themselves so they can be healthier together.

I loved the way the author worked to build this relationship from the ground up, knocking down the bad bricks, so to speak, and starting again each time to cement a solid relationship. Yes, I know that’s a terrible pun, but it fits. But most of all, I loved the way Lucky allowed his softer, more feminine side to not only come out but to come out with no fear. Starting with a discussion of wearing feminine underwear in book one, Lucky owns it in book two, and ultimately is solidly okay with his desire to be feminine in some ways on some days.

After a lot of work individually and together, the two eventually manage to merge their lives completely, and the story ends on a solid HEA. I highly recommend this series to all who love an MM romance, interracial couples, genderfluid characters, and a crossover visit from other characters. I nearly forgot to mention Lucky stopped at a restaurant in Virginia to see Nick (Crossroads). He and Saint first stopped there in book one when they discovered the restaurant on their way to DC and met the owner, Nick, and his partner, Bryce. I loved both vignettes as they were seamlessly woven into this series. This is a story I can most highly recommend but if you can pick up book one first? All the better. Though this can be a standalone, it really needs book one to complete your enjoyment of the characters.

And the cover? Designed by X-Potion Designs, it’s a black-and-white shot of two hot men in an obviously sexual position.Perfect for this story, and most definitely attention-grabbing.

Sales Link:  Amazon

Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 198 pages
Published August 12th 2018 by Riley Hart
Series Saint and Lucky :

Something About You

Something About Us

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