An Ali Review: Shaker of Earth (SPECTR Series 2, #5) by Jordan L. Hawk

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars

Charleston is reeling beneath the onslaught of demons unleashed by the vampire spirit Drugoy and his human host Yuri. Alone and drained almost to the point of death, Gray and Caleb must make their way across a city gone mad in hopes of putting an end to Yuri and Dru. But the other drakul isn’t the only enemy they have to worry about.

After the death of a rogue agent at Gray’s teeth, John’s faith in his lovers has been badly shaken. But when SPECTR Chief Barillo orders the vampire destroyed by any means possible, John and his allies find themselves in a race to find Gray and Caleb before their fellow SPECTR agents.

Because their only hope of stopping Yuri and Dru is by working together. And if they fail to unite, the streets of Charleston will run red with blood.

This was another fast paced installment of the Spectr series.  This story picks up immediately after the last one ended.  Caleb and Gray are in a bad situation and they’re on their own trying to stop Yuri and Dru.  John is with his fellow agents and they’re working to control the violence and chaos spreading through the city.
The story was pretty much action from beginning to end.  A lot of things happen and this portion of the story comes to a close by the end of the book.  The majority of the story is Spectr related but John, Caleb and Gray find some time for themselves, some time to repair the damage to their relationship.  It’s only a small portion of the book but enough that things end with their relationship stable again.
A new chapter in their lives will be beginning in Spectr  3 and I’m really looking forward to it.  I think the way the author wrapped this up opens the door to many new adventures with these three.  A must read for fans of this series.
Cover:  I love these new covers for this series.  I think they are eye catching and will hopefully bring new fans to these books.  I’m really glad the author decided to re-do these.  
Sales Links:  Amazon
Book Details:
Expected publication: September 14th 2018 by Jordan L. Hawk
Series SPECTR Series 2, #5

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