An Ashez Review: Unwrapping His Heart (Hearts on the Line #1) by Karrie George

Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Matt is sexy, single, and fabulous. His career at a fancy magazine is going from strength to strength. He has great friends, a nice flat, and a healthy bank account. Life is wonderful.

In truth, Matt is unhappy. Convinced he’s not worthy of love, he flits from club to bar, in search of temporary amnesia from the demon on his shoulder that tells him he’s never going to find “the one”. Which is ironic, because his heart already belongs to the one man he knows he can never have—his straight best friend, Zeke.

Zeke has always dated women. He can’t fathom why he’s so upset about Matt’s latest lover, the wildly successful and attractive Dieter, but refuses to accept that he’s jealous, because to do that, he might have to do some soul-searching of his own.

Meeting Dieter turns Matt’s ordered life on its head, and opens Matt’s mind to the possibility that he can make a meaningful connection. However, to take a gamble on love, Matt has to learn to trust people with his secrets. And, more importantly, to overcome his shame regarding the one part of him he refuses to change. If he can’t – or won’t – learn to love himself, it’s doubtful anyone else will see the real man behind the mask.

The only question is whether he’s brave enough

 Talk about a slow burn of a book.  I can’t say I minded though I got really invested in each of the characters and I really really really wanted things to work out for them.

Matt with his past, the way he grew up, the trouble of being out and proud that he had, was all so well developed of a background I couldn’t help but fall for him – he has some quirks which, again, are a struggle, but finding yourself in the world isn’t supposed to be easy.

Zeke was another one with some home life issues – he’s struggling to put into words who he is – I can’t say much about his current family issues but damn if that wasn’t totaly relatable – and totaly so well written and true to life.

Dieter was an interesting fellow, I had a hard time sometimes reading his language barrier words – granted the whole book is english so there were a lot of words I didn’t quite get – but his written accent made me think he was so distinguished and fancy – which I guess he is.

I think throwing a new individual into Zeke & Matt’s life was just what the Dr. ordered – it was a whirlwind and had many ups and downs (btw I think my favourite quote was the use of “drama llama” – literally, can’t get enough).  By the end you’re dying for that happy ending that everyone deserves!  There was minimal smut – just enough to spice things up, and I was totaly happy about that – I can’t wait for the next book in the series, honestly, I need to know more about a few of the characters and how their lives plan out.

Cover Artist: Madelynne Ellis
Cover – fits the name of the book, it doesn’t detail anything ABOUT the book in general but it’s perfect for the book name.
Book Details:
Kindle Edition, 309 pages
Published August 23rd 2018 by Little Storm Press
Edition LanguageEnglish
Series Hearts on the Line #1

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