An Ashlez Review: The Beach Brat by Louise Collins

Rating:3 stars out of 5

He’s known on the sands as Beach Brat Brody, the arrogant surfer with his group of loyal fans. Finn and his best friend Trent are lifeguards, and Finn has been captivated by Brody since he first saw him surf. He’s hot, skilled, and has Finn’s heart.

He doesn’t just want to know the Beach Brat, but also the man behind the board. But Brody is guarded and gives nothing of himself away. He doesn’t do relationships, and Finn doesn’t do one-night stands.

Encouraged by his friends, Brody tackles a dangerous wave and Finn rushes to save him. The Beach Brat loses his sass and his confidence. Putting aside his broken heart, Finn vows to help Brody get on the board again.

They tackle his fear of the sea together, and Finn catches glimpses of the hidden Brody. His walls come down, and things start to look promising, but Finn has his own demons. Just as him and Brody begin to get close, Finn rushes into the sea for a dangerous rescue that might cost him everything.

I liked it – it didn’t blow my mind though.  I feel sort of conflicted since during the beginning of the book Finn came across as cute/shy boy – and then a bit of the way in his personality completely changed to be more aggressive/self assured – I’m unsure if I was just interpreting him the wrong way (which could totaly be the case) or if it really was a switch.

I got the feeling that Brody was the self assured/young/cocky “beach brat” in the beginning, then he seems more standoffish and shy.  I didn’t mind Brody’s backstory that came out at the end but I felt like it wasn’t that “oomph” that I needed to put the book over the top.

I did like the surfing parts, and the struggle, learning to cope, etc. – overcoming I guess would be the better word.

It’s also a very slow burn – it starts off intense and then it mellows for the rest of the book – I honestly thought that this would be a reverse friend situation – which kind of threw me for a loop.  I did feel a sense of “whiplash” while reading it, both from the personalities/slow progress.

It definitely hits the contemporary mark though so if you’re looking for a MM romantic contemporary this would be a good one.  Especially if you like sea/surfing books.

Cover Art: the cover art 100% fits the story – I do wish the surfboard was bright yellow like in the story though, other than that it’s one spot on cover to describe a book.

Sales Link:  Amazon

Book Details:Kindle Edition, 152 pages
Published August 25th 2018 by JMS Books LLC
Edition LanguageEnglish

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