An Alisa Review: Square One (Under The Uniform #7) by JJ Harper


Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Xander is angry and fed up with being signed off work for something that was out of his control. He loses himself in alcohol and one-night stands, anything to dull the pain in his head.

Jonah is enjoying the freedom away from his small-town life, living life to the full in a big city. A few weeks away from starting his job as a firefighter, he embraces the nightlife and the men found in the clubs. One man, in particular, catches his eye, and not even exchanging names, they spend a night lost in each other, and then another. Still not bothering to find out any more about each other, they go their separate ways.

Until they find themselves face-to-face at work.

Unable to stay away from each other, they embark on something that soon morphs into so much more. Deeper, more intense, looking a lot like love.

But will it be enough when Jonah hears some life-changing news and he turns to Xander for support?

I liked this story once Xander and Jonah really got together, I liked that it started the morning after their firs one night stand so we know how everything was from the beginning.  The beginning of the book is littered with inconsistencies about the characters from they never to repeats to they want what they have to be inclusive from the beginning and one even getting jealous form when they weren’t exclusive.  I just don’t like when characters do the flip flop and after pushing things away jump right in like they never hesitated before.

Jonah and Xander quickly find their groove together, though I don’t actually know how much time passes throughout the whole book.  I loved that Xander’s family quickly accepts and loves Jonah which he needs in his life.  We never really get to know Jonah’s family just see his mom’s nagging through phone calls but it’s known they are not very supportive and it seems to me they are selfish.

I loved how Jonah helped Xander to accept himself after the accident and that it’s okay for someone to support you and see you vulnerable.  I was glad to see Xander support Jonah through his ordeal also and hurt for Jonah at the lies and deception from his childhood friend.  They really build a family together, I just wish there would have been some real closure with Jonah’s issues other than Kit suddenly becoming an important part of their lives.

The cover art by JC Clarke is nice but doesn’t have any real connection to the story.

Sales Link: Amazon

Book Details:

ebook, 247 pages

Published: September 20, 2018 by Aubergine Publishing

Edition Language: English

Series: Under the Uniform #7

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