A Lucy Review: Pisces Hooks Taurus (Signs of Love #4) by Anyta Sunday

Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

The Signs of Love series is one of my favorites and one that I have actually read all in the series (rare for me).  While the first, Leo Loves Aries, is my absolute favorite and Theo and Jamie my favorite couple, I have enjoyed them all.  This one, while not my favorite, is a good addition.  Here we have Zane, a New Zealander in America on a visa to see his favorite brother.  Now that his brother and his wife have had a daughter, Zane wants to stay here and be the best uncle ever.  The problem is, he needs to get married but he will only get married for love.  He has less than a month to fall head over heels.  Talk about pressure.

When he is made homeless by a visiting sister of a roommate, he’s a little desperate but his sister-in-law, Anne,  comes through with a possible place for him to stay – with her best friend, Becky.  Zane is absolutely sure this is a great omen and he and his faux-bearskin rug (don’t ask!) Uber over there.  He meets Theo’s grandmother, Darla, who is Becky’s neighbor and tries to impress Becky with talk of Toy Story.  That whole scene was funny.  Particularly since Becky is actually Beckett and is a man.  A man who’s ex-husband, Luke, is Anne’s brother.  Uh oh.

Let’s start with Zane. Similar to Theo, he has dated only women to this point and has zero idea he might be attracted to men.  He is oblivious and clueless, especially about his “bromance” with Beckett.   Zane doesn’t have a great view of himself.  He illustrates comics for someone else. When Beckett asks which brother he is, the dentist or the astrophysicist, he tells him. “The high school dropout.”  The lesser of the brothers.  “I don’t recall anything about a dropout.  Which leaves the youngest brother.  Jacob’s favorite.”  He is so much better than he believes. 

Beckett is a professor who’s husband (Luke) left him two months after their wedding.  It caused a rift with his BFF, Anne, for a while but now he’s over it.  Except he isn’t and while he isn’t a hermit or shutting people out, he’s sad and he’s lonely. “Dark brows gently framed sea-blue eyes that seemed overwhelmingly sad, despite how composed the rest of him was.”  He is quiet and thoughtful.  He loves his job, although struggles when it turns out Luke has been offered a job not only at his university but in his department.

Then we come to Luke because really he is nearly as big a part as Zane and Becky.  He is, to be frank, an jerk.  He was a cheater throughout and he hurt Becky.  “ I was already settled and he wanted adventure.”   When Luke feels bad for a bride left at the altar, he considered what he did to Beckett better because “…we had two hundred people…”.  Ugh, he’s so awful.  He’s rude to Becket, snobby and patronizing. “Sounds like Luke’s problem was that he felt entitled to all the good times without having to work for them.  Romance doesn’t work like that.” 

I think the idea of the green card hanging over the story with only a month to make things happen added an element of pressure to their relationship, which Zane continually believes is a bromance without realizing he’s actually falling.  This seemed so similar to Theo and Jamie that I couldn’t help comparing the two couples and the two stories and this one fell a little short. I felt the slow connection between Becky and Zane.  I absolutely loved Zane’s brother, Jacob, who is a lovely being.  When Zane finds out by accident something Jacob had done for him, I wanted to hug him.  “I was trying to do the right thing.  I love you, Zane. I want you to have the opportunities the rest of us had.”  Jacob believes in Zane, more even than Zane himself does.

The story is adorable (except for Luke, who I really hated) and for slow burn fans, this is it.  More than that, it is two men becoming friends and more while healing themselves. 

Cover art by Natasha Snow shows Zane with his headphones, looking brooding, which wasn’t the vibe you get from Zane at all but the background Zodiac was great.

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Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 1st edition, 285 pages
Expected publication: October 16th 2018
Original Title Pisces Hooks Taurus
Edition Language English
Series Signs of Love #4

By Scattered Thoughts

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