A MelanieM Review: Faith (Graphene #2) by Archie Hellshire


Rating 3.75 stars out of 5


Tuck is switching dorms. He’s had enough of his roommate’s odd hours, strange behavior, and teasing from his football teammates, who think there’s something more between them. He’s just put the last pad into his duffel bag when the campus goes on lockdown and the police swarm in.

They say that Tuck’s roommate, Sam, is a wanted man, but Tuck knows better. Sam is no criminal; he won’t even let Tuck kill spiders. Tuck takes a risk and helps Sam escape from the clutches of the authorities, and together they try to make it off the campus. As they try to evade the search parties, it becomes clear that they’re after something more than Sam; a secret project Sam’s been working on that has billion-dollar implications.

Tuck’s not sure what’s going on. He’s not sure what the truth is or who to trust. He’s not sure they’re going to make it out of this. And as the night wears on, he’s not sure how he really feels about Sam anymore. Sam is always sure about Tuck, though, and Tuck isn’t going to let him down.

For all that is packed into this story, Faith (Graphene #2) by Archie Hellshire is a short novel.  it feels that you are no sooner deeply involved in the characters that its ending on a somewhat wavering note and this chapter of the characters lives is done.  It’s a very much an installment story with the  characters HFN but everything else seems so shaky.

I admit I didn’t read the first story and even now I’m not sure how important that is here.  Yes Daniel becomes an important factor here but his boyfriend is  nothing but a will o the wisp at the end.  The focus here shines brightly on Tuck, Sam, and the cause at the heart of all the action/intrigue here.

The relationship between Tuck and Sam is a special one and I can’t help but wish we had more of that revealed here to us.  What is we was endearing and heartwarming.  It was so easy to love this pair.  And still relate to the issues Tuck was having at the   beginning of the story.

I think the ending was a little shocking in that there was no foundation laid for that sort of element in this story.  Perhaps it exists in Chance, the first in the Graphine series.  I do want want to read the next in this series so it looks as though I will be going back to pick up that one as well.

Also if you are looking for lots of hot sex, uh no, not the book for you.  Sweet kisses is about it.  Remember boys on the run, low, low heat, But soo much sweetness. That makes up for  it. Trust me.

I found the characters able to tug on your emotions, the story well written, and enough loose ends to be considered a minor cliffhanger for the next addition.  If you love your contemporary romance with more than a hint of danger and intrigue but your characters of college age, here is a series made for you.  Especially with those with a hint of the environmental/scientific bent.

Cover Art: Natasha Snow is on point for the story and characters right down to the differences in sizes. Love it.

Sales Links:  NineStar Press | Amazon

Book Details:

ebook, 102 pages
Published October 15th 2018 by NineStar Press
Edition Language English
Series Graphene



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