Love a Bit of Fun and the Unexpected? Check out ‘do you think we should’ve glued it first?: The Crazy Adventures of Cass & Star Episode I’ by Bobbie Rayne (excerpt)


do you think we should’ve glued it first?: The Crazy Adventures of Cass & Star Episode I







Cassius is the new kid in town, so when trouble shows up at his door, and his father is kidnapped, he has no one to turn to. Luckily for him, Sterling steps up and offers to help, and before they know it, they’re both thrown into a world they don’t understand with some very dangerous enemies.

The worst part is they can’t figure out what’s going on with Cassius. Soon after his dad goes missing, Cassius begins to change; he starts having weird cravings and odd behaviors. Cass and Star are unsure of the cause, but they think it’s somehow related to the guys that are after them. Things keep getting stranger and stranger with no answers anywhere in sight.

Will they be able to set their differences aside and work together to figure out what’s going on with Cassius? Will they be able to find Cassius’s father in time? What do you think Cass could be? A vampire? Werewolf? Zombie?

Join Cass and Star on their crazy adventure in Episode I: do you think we should’ve glued it first?4


Title: do you think we should’ve glued it first?
Series: The Crazy Adventures of Cass & Star Episode I
(unedited, subject to change, copyright © Bobbie Rayne)


He gave me a lingering look before scanning the mess I’d made. “Everything you tried tasted bad?”

I cringed. “Well, no.”

He waved his hand for me to continue.

I stifled a sigh. “The steak tasted good.”

“You cooked a steak?”

I hesitated for a few seconds before admitting to my crime. “Um… I didn’t cook it.”

He stared at me for a long time, just blinking away. “You… you ate it raw?”

I nodded.

“You ate an entire steak… raw?”

I winced a little at his tone. “Um… no.”

“So what? A few bites? Don’t you think that’s going to make you sick?”

“Actually, I ate all three steaks… raw.” I cringed and looked at him through squinted eyes, almost afraid of his reaction to my disgusting admission.

He just stood there doing that blinking thing.

After a few minutes, I whispered, “I’m sorry, Star. I couldn’t help it. I don’t know what came over me. I was just so hungry and my stomach was cramping and… I dunno. But I’ll pay you back. I’ll buy your mom new steaks tomorrow, okay? I’m really sorry, and I know it’s gross, but I couldn’t hel—”

“Cassius.” He said my name quietly, but his voice caused me to pause.

“I’m sorry.”

He lifted his hand and went to speak, but hesitated again. Finally, he took a deep breath and spoke, “You don’t need to apologize. And you don’t need to buy more steak, it’s fine. I’m just trying to… process it, and honestly, I’m trying not to puke from the thought of eating that.”

I wrinkled my nose. “I even drained the blood on the little trays.”

“Ulhhlh… come on, man.”

I lifted a shoulder. “Sorry. I think it’s gross too. I normally eat my steaks well, well done. Crispy or burnt, even.”


About the Author

Bobbie Rayne grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and still lives there today. She’s married to her very patient husband, and they have two amazing sons together, as well as two crazy dogs. She spends her time writing, driving her kids all over town, and helping run the PTA.
Her children are one of the reasons she loves YA so much, and one reason why she thinks it’s important to bring LGBTQ+ main characters into fiction. Writing YA has always been a dream of hers, and she truly believes that writing it is good for her soul. Her family means the world to her, but coffee might be high up on that list, too, so if you bring her some, you just might end up with a new best friend.

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