An Ashlez Review : Walking In A Winter Wonderland by Claire Castle

Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Colton Dawson is miserable this holiday season. Those he’d loved the most are no longer in his life. With one disappointment after another, how can he possibly get into the Christmas spirit? Maybe a change of scenery—a new place to put down roots—is just what he needs for a second chance to find some happiness.

Winterbourne Vale is only too happy to help his much-loved aunt and uncle run their café in Canada while on his short December break—even if it means leaving his home in the United Kingdom. After a defeated-looking Colton walks into the café, Winter is determined to lift his spirits.

Can Colton and Winter’s Christmas happiness continue long after the gifts are unwrapped and the decorations are stowed away?

Walking in a Winter Wonderland is holiday treat filled with special ornaments and glistening snow, hot tea and cold-weather kisses, along with some sexy shenanigans and plenty of holiday cheer.

Overall the book was cute, it started off promising, but I found that the intimate moments were extremely lackluster, I can’t hold it fully against the book even though that’s a part of it, because I did like Colton & Winter.
There were a few other annoying moments in the book, I’m all for a sensitive man but this went above and beyond what I would consider “sensitive”.  Given the circumstances anyway.  and there was no real “climax”, normally there’s a moment in a book where you think, oh, it’s not going to end well, this one didn’t really give me that moment.
Winter’s hobby was amazing though, and I wish I could put into words how I picture what he does for a living, because it’s magical, and I need that in my life.
Overall, though, it was a cute Christmas story.
Cover by Claire Castle:  Fitting photo, I can see either of the men in the book fitting on the cover and it works.
Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book Details:
Kindle Edition, 136 pages
Published November 15th 2018

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