Am Alisa Review: Edge of Living by H.L Day


Rating:  4 stars out of 5

Sometimes, death can feel like the only escape.

It’s been a year since Alex stopped living. He exists. He breathes. He pretends to be like everyone else. But, he doesn’t live. Burdened by memories, he dreams of the day when he can finally be free. Until that time comes, he keeps everybody at bay. It’s been easy so far. But he never factored in, meeting a man like Austin.

Hard-working mechanic Austin has always gone for men as muscular as himself. So, it’s a mystery why he’s so bewitched by the slim, quiet man with the soulful brown eyes who works in the library. The magnetic attraction is one thing, but the protective instincts are harder to fathom. Austin’s sure though, that if he can only earn Alex’s trust then the two of them could be perfect together.

A tentative relationship begins. But Alex’s secrets run deep. Far deeper than Austin could ever envisage. Time is ticking. Events are coming to a head, and love is never a magic cure. Oblivious to the extent of Alex’s pain, can Austin discover the truth? Or is he destined to be left alone, only able to piece together the fragments of his boyfriend’s history, once its already too late?

This was a very emotional book.  Alex has been basically forcing himself to stay alive in order to get his family the justice they deserved.  Austin quickly comes to care for Alex but he continues to keep a part of himself away from Austin.

Austin feels that Alex will come to trust him in time as long as he is patient.  As we slowly learn what Alex went through it’s easy to understand how he feels and how detached he is.

We see both of these characters’ points of view which makes it easy to connect with these two.  We slowly learn what happened to Alex but it’s easy to see how much he hurts inside.  I could see Austin’s desperation to get to Alex when he finally finds out what had happened.  I loved Austin’s dedication to Alex even before he knew the full truth.  I loved the very end when we see Alex has found the love and happiness he deserves.

I loved the cover art by HL Day and think it’s perfect.

Sales Link: Amazon

Book Details:

ebook, 218 pages

Published: October 26, 2018 by HL Day

Edition Language: English

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