A Lila Review: The Billionaire’s Wish (My Billionaire #3) by Geoffrey Knight


Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

Tis the season to be jolly, but romance writer Matt Darcy is feeling anything but festive. With a pile of rejection letters as high as his latest manuscript, Matt is questioning whether his career as an author will ever take off. And while his perfect husband Cal has planned a week-long trip to a mountain chalet for Matt, Mrs. Mulroney, Mr. Banks, Tilly and Angus—so that everyone can be together and enjoy the lead-up to Christmas—Matt can only hope his feelings of worthlessness and self-doubt won’t ruin the trip.

But when a bump on the head knocks Matt out and he wakes up miles from the chalet, the journey he must undertake is not a trek through the snow, but an eye-opening insight into the lives of those he loves most if he, Matt Darcy, had never, ever existed.

Will Matt let his feelings of uselessness and self-doubt lead him forever into the Forest of Darkness… or will this Christmas open his eyes to the magical truth that it is indeed a wonderful life?

The Billionaire’s Wish is the most recent installment in this series. I did read the previous books but this story can be read as a standalone. As with any other series, it’s best to take the time to read the previous books. It would help the reader understand the characters best, as well as their reactions.

This is definitely a comedic romance to the style of I Love LucyThe Odd Couple, etc.  If you are not ready for the absurd, this story is not for you. It is funny, odd, sexy, and a little disconcerting, but overall, it works. It gives us a small taste into an established couple’s future and how they adapted after the first two books.

All these, mix with the A Christmas Carol story is a nice start to the holiday season. The topics shaped the story, bringing the characters from a contemporary standpoint to a classic, seamlessly.

The author did an excellent job creating this cover. It goes perfectly with the story and it’s engaging. Something I will stop to look at before reading the blurb.

Sale Link: Kindle Unlimited

Book Details:
ebook, 114 pages
Published: November 1, 2018, by Geoffrey Knight
Edition Language: English

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