An Alisa Review: Burning Down the House (Escape from the Holidays) by Gregory L. Norris


Rating:  3 stars out of 5

Leo’s quiet vacation in Vermont is cut short by news that his beloved grandmother’s in the hospital because she tried to burn down her own house. Feeling low and depressed that she might be falling victim to dementia, Leo takes comfort in a man he meets in the hospital’s Quiet Room. The encounter’s supposed to be a one-night stand, one and done, no strings attached, but Leo’s surprised when he wants more.

The problem is that Aaron comes with strings and complications—ones Leo isn’t sure he wants to deal with on top of his own problems. Leo’s going to have to reach deep if he wants more than superficial, but he’s determined to try if the universe will just cooperate.

This was an alright story and I liked the premise but the style of writing didn’t connect with me.  Often much was skipped or summed up in a paragraph or two and along with the writing style made me feel as if I was missing a lot.  Leo and Aaron are perfect for each other and quickly actually start a relationship much the Leo’s obliviousness and attempting to be a free spirit.  It was nice to see how they could combine their lives and make it easier on the ones that were sick.

The cover art by Catherine Dair is nice and is one of the holiday series styles.

Sales Link: Mischief Corner Books | Amazon

Book Details:

ebook, ~11,500 words

Published: December 1, 2018 by Mischief Corner Books

Edition Language: English

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