A MelanieM Review: Havoc (Tattoos and Ties #1) by Kindle Alexander


Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5

Keyes Dixon’s life is challenging enough as a full patch member of the Disciples of Havoc Motorcycle Club but being a gay biker leaves him traveling down one tough road. With an abusive past and his vow to the club cementing his future, he doesn’t believe in love and steers clear of commitment. But a midnight ride leads to a chance meeting with a sexy distraction that has him going down quicker than a Harley on ice.

Cocky Assistant District Attorney Alec Pierce lives in the shadow of his politically connected family. A life of privilege doesn’t equal a life of love, a fact made obvious at every family gathering. Driven yet lonely, Alec yields to his family’s demands for his career path, hoping for the acceptance he craves. Until he meets a gorgeous biker who tips the scales in the favor of truth and he can no longer live a lie.

Can two men from completely different worlds…and sides of the law…find common ground, or will all their desires only wreak Havoc?

Havoc (Tattoos and Ties #1) is the first in a new series by Kindle Alexander where the focus is a  motorcycle club and at least one of it’s members.  Keyes Dixon has been brought up in the Havoc Motorcycle Club as his mother and father were/are both  members.  While the club itself doesn’t quite call itself a  “gang” , having recently left some of its criminal activities behind, not it’s not exactly tie free of other elements.  Something Keyes would love to be.

Keyes remains on the outskirts of the club in almost every aspect of his life.  He’s gay, hates his father, an abusive drunk who’s deeply embedded in club life, Keyes manages a successful Tire shop, unfortunately owned by his father and the Club.  Every aspect of his life, including his vow as a member, cements him to a Club he no longer fits within.

The author’s portrayal of this tight knit universe, both the positive aspects and the all the negatives come across as gritty and realistic.  It’s very much it’s own world, with its own governing body, rules of order, businesses to run, and an oath taken is not one to be broken.  You get that.  And feel how trapped  Keyes feels in every situation he’s in, including that as a gay man with his homophobic abusive father.

Oddly enough, rich young man Alec Pierce is another one with a father issue, also because he’s gay.  On the other end of society’s spectrum, he too is being fenced in by his father and his father’s society to a certain role in life, although his way out is a much  cleaner path should he  want to take it.  Maybe.

The two men meet in a way that I won’t spoil and an attraction between them is instantaneous even when neither is quite sure of each other’s sexuality. The chemistry here is so hot it sparks!

The author has asked that no spoiler be laid out which somewhat confuses me as I didn’t think there were many if any here.  But I could see that a foundation is being formed for the next book and the series overall.  And yes, some elements here might seem a little ominous for future stories.  This is going to be a heavily layered book with lots of obstacles and angst these characters backhistory and current family dramas hold true.  It should be just amazing.  I can’t wait for more.

The ending is not even a quite HFN but close.  Complicated characters indeed in complicated situations.

The writing in Havoc is wonderful, the scenes sexy and yes, thrilling.  I expect the next story to ramp it all up even more.  Get in on the beginning of Tattoos and Ties with Havoc.  I definitely recommend it!


Cover art: Reese Dante.  Wow, what a cover!  If nothing else, that cover would have drawn me to pick up this book.  It’s perfect for Keyes and just as incendiary.

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Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 254 pages
Published November 25th 2018 by Kindle Alexander LLC
Original Title Havoc
Edition Language English

One thought on “A MelanieM Review: Havoc (Tattoos and Ties #1) by Kindle Alexander

  1. I got to the end but appears to be unfinished surely not 🤔 the site I read it on only 96 pages…surely theres more?


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