A Lucy Review: Shrewd Angel (The Christmas Angel #6) by Anyta Sunday


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Pax Polo is the swashbuckling guitarist for Serenity Free.

Correction: Was the swashbuckling guitarist for Serenity Free.

Now he sports a black eye and his bros have kicked him out of their band—three weeks before Christmas. It’s an unfamiliar kick to his over-inflated ego, but . . . whatever.

No problem.

Thanks to some stellar eavesdropping, an unexpected angel ornament, and a bribe to open for his favorite band ever, Pax will weasel his way back into his mates’ good graces.

All he has to do is friend Clifford, the neighborhood man-shrew, for the summer. Distract him a bit so Clifford’s younger sister can sneak around.

It sounds like a piece of beginners Beethoven. Jolly good fun.


Because, Pax totally knows how to friend people. He has heaps of friends. This shrew’s no match for his shrewd ways. Or is he?

I don’t know what my issue was but it took me multiple tries to get this book started.  It says to be loosely based on the Taming of the Shrew.  I feel ignorant to admit I’ve never read that, so for me this was an all new experience. 

This is part of a series of books connected by the Christmas Angel.  They are stand-alone, so no need to worry about missing anything.  In this one, Pax is a guitarist and he’s just been ousted from his band, mainly because he acts like a jerk. But he has a plan – he’s just going to get on the good side of Clifford, the crabby neighbor, so that his sister, Biance, who is 17, can go out with two men, Henry (a neighbor) and Luca (Pax’s roommate).  Both of whom I really liked, just by the way.  Clifford is a pretty protective big brother and this is the only way Bianca can get around her brother.  A carrot dangled by Henry makes Pax jump at the chance.

You just know between Pax’s sharp tongue and Clifford’s even sharper one, there’s going to be some excellent back and forth happening, and it does.  “If you love him, he’ll always be in your heart.  If you hate him, he’ll always be in your mind.”  I loved that line.  Clifford isn’t the grump or nag he can seem and he has his reasons for being protective.   Pax is charming, yes, but he’s also more fragile than he appears.  When they start to turn from enemies, to friends, to (slowly) more, you really see how they are made to fit together.  We get to see Pax grow up some and Clifford unthaw a lot.

I am a fan of Anyta Sunday’s work and this one, while not my favorite of hers, has her signature style, humor, snark, banter, wit, all of the above.  I would recommend this one for holiday fans and enemies to lovers fans. 

Cover art by Meredith Russell shows Pax and his guitar set against a golden background and captures the holiday feel.  I only wish Pax had been smiling, because he’s really not such a serious person.

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Book Details:

ebook, 293 pages
Published December 2nd 2018
Edition Language English
Series The Christmas Angel #6

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