A Lucy Review: Forever Starts at Midnight (an Against All Odds novella) by Kim Breyon


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Most days, I just go through the motions. Stuck in a job I don’t enjoy, I plan my breaks around when I can talk to my boyfriend. Our conversations are the one thing I can look forward to, the one thing that gives me joy. Our love for the band Indigo Rose brought us together, and two years later, it’s our weekly line wars on movie night and his unmatched ability to make me laugh that makes Aspen more than just my boyfriend. He’s my best friend, too.

The only problem is, I’ve never actually met him.

A last-minute business trip right before New Year’s Eve sends me back to the familiar town of Reedsport, where I am forced to team up with my sexy co-worker. I’ve always had a hard time tearing my eyes away from Cameron, and spending time with him has given me a glimpse of what my life could be like if I stepped out from behind the computer screen. What it could be like to hear the laugh of someone I care about late at night or feel the warmth of their skin against mine.

When Indigo Rose announces they will be part of the line up at the annual New Year’s Eve party, it feels like the perfect opportunity to see if my connection with AspenW743 is as strong in person as it is online.

Will Aspen agree to meet me? And if he does, how will I choose between the man I’ve just met yet know inside and out or the man I see every day and still remains a mystery?

A favorite trope – the online lovers who have yet to meet.  Hunter has an online boyfriend, Aspen, who shares his love of the band Indigo Rose.  A boyfriend who he can talk to about anything and everything.  He can’t wait to meet Aspen and hopefully that time is coming soon.  When he gets thrown into a last minute trip by his boss, a scary and awesome female who happens to be Hunter’s aunt by marriage, he ends up going with Cameron, the cute, quiet intern from work who has been taken advantage of and as a result barely has enough money to live on.  He was supposed to be moving ahead to an employee after six months but now it’s been fourteen and he is still in the same position, where everyone dumps all their work on him.   It’s just one more thing to do when he has to accompany Hunter.

The two head off to Reedsport to run an open house for their employer, Gentry Homes.  Hunter wants to be in the design department and he has great idea.  Cameron just wants to make enough money to eat and pay his rent.  The two end up hitting it off and becoming friends.  I liked how they talked to each other and how even though Hunter got super protective of Cameron he was able to step back when Cameron wanted to do things himself.

When the favorite band comes to Reedsport, it is the perfect opportunity for Hunter to meet his boyfriend.  Except now he’s conflicted because he’s starting to have tender feelings for Cameron.  Now what? 

Even though you can see what’s going on a mile in advance, I liked the buildup and especially liked that when the two realize what is happening there is no horrible “it’s him” moment and that we get to see them continue to develop their relationship past that point.  They have some struggles to overcome and adjustments to make.  They are worth it!

The cover, Hunter and Cameron kissing, is cute if a little nondescript.

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Book Details:

ebook, 100 pages
Expected publication: April 2019
Other Editions
None found

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